3 Reasons Why you Should be Giving Customers Custom Made Hats

Written by Alex Falcone

March 1, 2019

1. Brand Loyalty is everything for businesses. Now customers have the power because they have so many options to choose from and larger tech companies like Amazon pose a major threat to all industries. Now it is more important than ever to create a relationship with your customers and make them want to only spend their money with you. Giving away Custom Hats to those customers is a token of good faith that could make the difference between them becoming a repeat customer or going to a competitor in the future.

2. Custom Hats are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional out of home advertising and still achieve the same desired effect. You want others to see your brand and create walking talking brand ambassadors. The best way to do that is put a custom made hat on your customer or a custom designed t-shirt.

Giving away Custom Hats to your customers is a token of good faith that could make the difference between them becoming a repeat customer or going to a competitor in the future.

3. Custom Hats add to the professionalism of your businesses uniform. When the first touch point of your company is a well dressed employee who is wearing a custom t-shirt and custom made hat you are creating a bond with your customers. This level of professionality stays with your customer and you become top of mind the next time they require your services.

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