Written by Jessica Patterson

March 13, 2019

We’ve all seen classic printed t-shirts with designs in the typical places. By “typical places”, I mean centered on the chest, a small logo or design over the heart, printed on the entire back of the shirt or over the left sleeve. These locations are the norm and where designers usually expect to place custom designs. However there are other, less common spots on a t-shirt where your designs can be placed that may help your shirt to stand out from the crowd.


Photo credits to rushordertees.com


Here are some less-common places to print on shirts in order to make your designs really stand out: 

1. Small Upper Center

This location is very uncommon, but the upper center of a shirt actually has a lot of positive aspects to it. If the t-shirt you’re wearing is under a hoodie or flannel shirt that is not zipped or buttoned up all the way, your design will easily peek out and be visible to anyone around you. No more saying “eyes up here!” when people are staring at your chest– let your logo shine!

2. Hip

This placement mimics the logos of brands such as Abercrombie or Hollister who tend to place their logos on the front center of their shirts. It is almost always visible and the location is pleasing to the eye. 

3. Spine

Placing a custom design along the spine of a shirt is an edgy way to display custom t-shirt content such as a sponsor list or a clever saying.

4. Lower back

This is one of the most looked-at places on a t-shirt, and no, I don’t mean it’s because people are staring at your butt. Lower back printing can be a tasteful way to display a website, a company name or even a funny saying.

5. Wrist

The wrist has extremely high visibility in social interactions, so it is definitely a surprise that more people do not choose to print here. It is just the right size for a logo or small design.


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