Heathered vs. Normal Custom T-Shirts

Written by Alex Falcone

March 28, 2019

Today we will be exploring a debate in the custom apparel world. To heather or not to heather. For most people, “Heather” is just a name, but actually it can be used to describe a type of t-shirt style. To put the style in layman’s terms the t-shirt has a stressed and vintage look. Many people have described it as, “grey specs”, on a custom t- shirt. Below is the official definition for this type of garment.

“In clothing, heather refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing flecks of an alternate color. It is typically used to mix multiple shades of grey or grey with another color to produce a muted shade (e.g., heather green), but any two colors can be mixed, including bright colors.”

Now that you have more of an understanding of what type of t-shirt this is let’s get into some situations where a heathered t-shirt would be a good option for your customers or upcoming event.

You can’t go wrong when you choose a heathered style for your custom t shirts.

Vintage Look:

  • A major pro for choosing heathered shirts is the vintage look you can achieve. Vintage t-shirts are trending and will be trending for some time. A great way to get this look with minimal hassle is to choose a heathered garment.

Change from the Norm:

  • If anything else you will be changing the normal look of your custom apparel if you choose a heathered garment. Keep your brand feeling fresh and trendy with a new t-shirt style for your employees to wear or to give out to your customers.

You can’t go wrong when you choose a heathered style for your custom t shirts. The next time you are choosing what type of custom t shirts you would like to print, check out some of the heathered options.

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