Written by Natalie Johnston

June 11, 2019

“The best part about running a 5k is the ‘free’ t-shirt…”

“Being part of a sports team is great, because you get free gear…”

“If there’s a promo to ‘spend $50 and get a free shirt’ at a store, I will be spending $50…”

These are things we all think, but rarely say.  Free t-shirts and gear are a massive incentive and a great tool to increase your own revenue.  This is just one of the reasons why custom T-shirts are always a good idea. Here’s a few more:

Branding. If you can sell your brand, selling your product becomes much easier.  The more well known your brand is, the more readily consumers will think of your company when promed to choose a provider for their needs and goods. Custom t-shirts are a great way to get your brand out into the world.  Youinkit can help you spread your brand through custom clothes, hats and accessories.

Events and Fundraisers.  Custom t-shirts are simple and easy to make, especially through youinkit.com.  If you want cool shirts to sell for upcoming events, like the Eagles winning another Super Bowl or a massive family reunion, youinkit can help bring your ideas to life in a timely fashion.

Custom shirts are always great for fundraisers like school football games, pep rallies, social holidays, etc. Since buying custom t-shirts can be created at a low cost, you can generate large revenue while still making them affordable to friends and classmates.  


“The best part about running a 5k is the ‘free’ t-shirt…”


Price. Printing is a cost effective process, you can buy in bulk for cheap.  This, of course, does not mean the product itself feels cheap. Youinkit has a wide variety of clothing options available for embroidery, screen printing, and vinyl applications.  Our staff can help you choose the correct method of customization to maximize your budget and the quality of your purchase for your specific needs.

Marketing. Why pay for advertising when you can make your customers efficient salesmen.  Our talented graphic design team here at youinkit.com can help you create a logo that will turn heads.  T-shirts can be a great way to start conversations, and your past customers will surely give a nice sales pitch for your company.  

Versatility.  Custom t-shirts are really an umbrella term for all the products youinkit has for you to customize.  Whether you need 500 shirts for a class reunion, complete gear orders for a college sports team, or merch to sell in your shop, the customization process can be applied to hundreds of clothing product options.

Wear your hustle. Custom tees are a great way to increase team spirit and camaraderie, as well as provide a sense of belonging.  If you care a lot about something, why wouldn’t you put it on a shirt for the world to see?


So, next time you have an opportunity to #wearyourhustle, or want to grow your business, turn to custom t-shirts.


Custom T-Shirt designing for you team or group even doesn’t have to be difficult

See why so many businesses of varying sizes, sports leagues, and other groups depend on YouInkIt.com for their embroidery needs. Our custom design team is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, tanks and hats faster than the compatition, and at an affordable price.

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