Written by Dominique Gissendanner

June 25, 2019


One of the biggest benefits of using limited color in a design is affordable printing. I’m a college student with a goal of working for a company as a graphic designer. So, I have to come up with a way to produce my designs while sticking to a budget. Using limited colors allows me to achieve that challenge because I can produce my designs at a fraction of the cost of multi-color designs. I can also afford to showcase my designs on products like custom apparel.



“Modern design also appeals to young adults from twenty to thirty-five who are more likely to purchase custom apparel…”


Attracting Consumers

The benefits of using limited color in modern designs are astronomical. It attracts attention from corporate companies that are interested in your work and what the services are at the company you work with. Modern design also appeals to young adults from twenty to thirty-five who are more likely to purchase custom apparel or have a need to for printing services. Young adults are also more likely to share custom apparel designs on social media so, a profit can result in free promotion and that’s good for business.


Legibility is very important in designs especially custom apparel. When I work on a multi-color designs, I spend a huge amount of time making sure that the colors are balanced and the legibility is clear. I have to print multiple proofs to make sure the colors are reading the same on the medium as they are on screen. A benefit of using limited color in my designs is time saving. It is very easy to balance a one or two-color design without having any legibility issues. 


Custom T-Shirt designing for you team or group even doesn’t have to be difficult

See why so many businesses of varying sizes, sports leagues, and other groups depend on YouInkIt.com for their embroidery needs. Our custom design team is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, tanks and hats faster than the compatition, and at an affordable price.

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