Written by Jessica Patterson

September 23, 2019

Answer: You Ink It Custom Apparel.

Picture this: It’s the first game of the season. You’re going up against the defending champions who crushed you last season and you know they’re coming back hungry to do it again. EXCEPT this time you and your teammates have the freshest, newest, and perhaps quite literally “hot off the press” gear (sorry bad pun). You step out onto the field and see the other team begin to literally shake because they’re so awe-struck by your customized swag that they completely forget how to play the game and are forced to forfeit, the crowd goes wild, the girl of your dreams texts you back, you win the lottery and the rest is history all because you ordered some custom t-shirts and sweatpants with us. Okay, I digress, maybe this is a little far-fetched but you get what I’m going for. I mean, it could happen but you’ll just never know unless you speak with someone from our office.  


 “There is NOTHING stopping you..”


Weary of designing your team’s apparel? Not to worry because our team of graphic design specialists will be eager to help you put your best foot forward in showcasing your team with the comfiest range of athletic and leisure apparel in the game! ~pun intended that time~ The more custom apparel you have, the higher you and your team’s confidence will be. They’re positively correlated with one another. It’s basic math.

Unsure about whether or not your team can really afford such cool, fully customized clothing pieces? Our price point has our competitors shaking so we’ll be sure to handle your team’s needs from a price you can’t beat.

Have a certain time constraint because you’ve been meandering while meaninglessly talking to all the other custom apparel companies out there? Just hop on the phone today and one of our staff members will be sure to direct you to the right person best able to handle your time constraints to the best of our ability.

So, there is actually nothing stopping you. Don’t let you and your questions step in the way of taking home the state championship title, or that possible text back from the girl of your dreams.

Custom T-Shirt designing for you team or group even doesn’t have to be difficult

See why so many businesses of varying sizes, sports leagues, and other groups depend on YouInkIt.com for their embroidery needs. Our custom design team is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, tanks and hats faster than the compatition, and at an affordable price.

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