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I wanted to take a second out of my day here to share with you a story that details how this young businessman, his startup company of about 16 employees, and virtually no budget for marketing purposes were able to find success very quickly simply because he decided one day to go out and purchase a few pieces of custom apparel items and gift them to his friends. These are very simple ideas and techniques that after reading this you’re likely going to say out loud to yourself “well why the (explicative) didn’t I think of that?”

Or you’ll be like “I already knew this, and I’m already doing it and have gained more success than I ever thought possible!” which works just as well too.  

One of the most important (and very humbling) anecdotes of information that I took from this man’s story is that he (and I will reiterate again) had quite literally no budget to be devoted to marketing his new company and therefore, seemingly no way to gaining that crucial brand recognition we all vie for in the early developing stages of a business. So, if you’re in a similar position do not let the feeling back you into a corner!

He started out with “25-30 t-shirts just because he wanted some clothes for his closet” and this turned out to be one the savviest business moves he’s ever made.

By giving out these higher quality, soft and interesting (nobody wants to wear something boring or uncomfortable) t-shirts to everybody that he knew and then committing himself to wearing them out to just about everywhere, he was able to generate real results just by meaningfully getting dressed in the morning. He shared that he was able to “strike up important conversations with interested investors” who would ask what his shirt was about, and this would open up the opportunity for him to give a (well thought out and practiced) pitch just quickly enough for them to remain interested and thus converted into real sales. As a result of this simplistic in nature idea, he quickly gathered the brand recognition because so many people were wearing his apparel and remembering his creative logo.

For those of you who are just as impressed with this story as I am and want to know some of the key takeaways to implement yourselves, I’d suggest to you first and foremost to be as high-quality as you can. Cheap t-shirts can be nice at times but most often they’re never really comfortable meaning most of your potential wearers will likely not be reaching for it when it comes to getting dressed. It’s so stupid simple but it’s also playing to your strengths here people! Secondly, keep your designs and logos as simple as possible (keyword “as possible” this doesn’t mean sacrificing important information or details). If you’re having trouble during this process, we have this particular service for this particular reason! Our team of design experts, while well versed on techniques of design and style are also talented in the world of branding. Remember what may look good to your eye, may not also look good to another’s and moreover your potential customer’s. Check this out for some more info: youinkit.com/graphic-design/

And last but certainly never least, wear it everywhere! Gaining insight and recognition is not always easy. Granted, there’s a lot of resources today that are perfectly viable in replacing word-of-mouth recognition (i.e. social media? We all know that thing, right?) but sometimes nothing can replace the grand feeling of seeing a cool custom apparel piece and just having to find out more about it!

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