Promotional products (swag) have always been a successful way to get your name out there and advertise your brand. Youinkit has 30+ years of experience in the custom apparel and swag industry. Our team has successfully collaborated with major companies to source, supply, and distribute their branded merchandise. 

We want to take it to the next step. With swag becoming increasingly popular our team has created a new swag management platform that takes away the headaches and stress out of organizing and distributing branded swag. 

 Each  member  of  your  team  will  receive  login  information  for  your  very  own swag management platform. At the start we identify key branded products that your  company  would  like  pre-loaded  onto  the  platform.  From  here  users  can select which products they want, organize them into kits, and send them to the desired  location. 

The  entire  process  is  seamless  and  also  allows  for  managers to  request  new  products  or  remove  products. The platform  is  entirely customizable  and  has  helped  many  large  companies  move  away  from  a  swag closet and experience the benefits of a swag management platform.

 It’s that easy! It eliminates the stress of email threads, meetings, swag closets; leave it to us to get it done. We know ordering can get unorganized and confusing, especially when you first start.

 The platform is straightforward and user friendly. Think of this as the amazon of swag management. This platform eliminates orders getting lost or misprinted because everything is approved on one central dashboard! You choose the products you want at the moment, maybe update the design, order and done, you just placed your order in ten minutes or less.

 The goal is to bring swag management into the digital age;. we have seen success in swag management with our biggest customer “GoPuff” and are excited to introduce it to new customers. This past summer we updated the platform for “GoPuff” with summer essentials for the company so they had easy access to repurchasing at any moment. They were loaded with branded products, cuzzies, ping pong balls, and more.

 Take the next step today! Bring your swag purchasing into the digital age with our swag management. 

If  you  are  interested  in  moving  forward  with  your  swag  management  platform please  contact  us  at  or  call  (833)  968-4654.  We  look forward to working with you!





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