7 College Swag Ideas for Incoming Students

by Dec 10, 2020

College Swag Set from Youinkit

Colleges and universities are preparing to send out acceptance letters, and what better way to be welcomed to your new family with a swag box of all the coolest  branded college merchandise

Many times colleges and universities would provide custom swag at Open Houses or Accepted Student Days, but with COVID19 restrictions many are virtual events. 

Support incoming Freshmen and prospective students with a gift box of college logo merchandise like facemasks, hoodies and water bottles to make students feel welcomed. 

What Makes the Best College Swag?

Students love swag, by providing students with a variety of high quality products, it really could help make a students decision. Students know swag is used primarily to promote the college, and students can tell if any thought went into the products. 

It’s true that swag can really make a difference. If a student received low quality swag that can break easily or not get any use out of,  that leaves a bad impression. 

Choosing the right products sends the right message. It shows that thought went into picking the products, they care about the quality of the products, and want students to get the most use out of the products. 

 By providing students with a variety of high quality products, it’s just one way to show you care about them and care about their future at the college or university. 

The best swag ideas are those useful items that keep students more organized or better equipped for student life! 

They want swag that not only can they wear and show off, but get the most out of. 

The best college swag for 2021

1. Custom T-shirts and sweatshirts 

Custom T-shirts and sweatshirts are essential for all college students. Students love to show off where they go to school and especially when they first get accepted. Provide students with an awesome class of 2025 accepted t-shirt or a basic college sweatshirt perfect for the winter-time. Provide students with top notch quality they’ll be sure to wear all four years. 

2. Face masks 

Providing custom face masks to students is a no brainer. If students will be attending school in person, they have to wear a face mask. Provide students with a high quality, durable face mask that they’ll enjoy wearing around campus and in class. Our maks provide the lighters material you won’t even know it’s there!

3. Water bottles 

Whether you’re on the go or in class, students want high quality water bottles that are built to last. Students don’t want to keep buying and replacing their warn out bottles, so invest in high quality water bottles that last years. 

4. Hand sanitizer 

Another essential swag product perfect to keep students safe on campus. Provide students with a small, easily portable hand sanitizer they can pull out any time of the day. 

5. Pens 

Who doesn’t love free pens. Such a simple item that students will get so much use out of. Believe it or not but I still have the same pen I received my freshman orientation, and I’m a senior. Pens last and will be used in classes, at home or even make it into a students first post graduation job. 

6. Lanyards 

As a freshman, lanyards are essential to keeping organized. It is the one way to keep both your keys and ID together and make sure to never lose them. 

7. Hats 

Hats are worn all year round. Walking around campus or your hometown you will never not see someone repping their college. 

College Swag - Fraternity corporate holiday gifts

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