7 Unique Swag Products to Enhance Your Virtual Event

by Mar 8, 2021

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As we reach almost a year of being in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s critical to take a look at some of the industries that have taken a hit and adapted to it. The event industry has taken a massive hit by not being able to have face-to-face interactions. Virtual events are now taking over and dominating the market, but along with that comes the bumps in the road that occur when figuring out how to make virtual events enjoyable and engaging. 

One of the most exciting parts about going to an in-person event is the amount of swag you leave the event with. The problem many companies are facing is how to bring that experience to at-home attendees. Event swag is a critical component to make your brand stand out. Unfortunately, while COVID-19 stays at the center of the world’s focus, face to face interactions stay limited to a low number of people. This means that virtual events swag is more important now than ever before. 

What Is Virtual Event Swag?

Virtual event swag helps to cultivate the relationship between consumers and the brand. Gifting virtual swag through presentation or through giveaways is an effective way to take a physical piece of what your brand stands for and show that to the attendees that come to your event. This means that the items you choose to give out must be high quality and unique, causing your brand to be memorable and associated with a positive memory. 

Gifting the perfect virtual event swag will be the ultimate way to extend the amount of time considering your brand. While events can’t really happen in person, your relationship with your consumers and event goers shouldn’t suffer because of this. These people don’t have to miss out on opportunities for swag. 

Some great ways to give out virtual event swag are through games like an online quiz or friendly competition testing the attendee’ s knowledge about your brand or featured product, sending every attendee a personalized swag box, creating grab bags of your most popular products, or care packages. 

At YouInkIt, it’s easy to customize and create virtual event swag as individual products or as swag boxes and grab bags. Unsure of what kind of swag to include for your virtual event? We’ve compiled a list of some unique swag finds to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Unique Finds

1. Journal and Pen Set

No matter what kind of event you are holding, there will always be a person attending that will have the urge to write down important information the old fashioned way; with a pen and paper. Give your attendees a sleek and easy way to take notes during your event with a customized journal and pen set. The journal includes a grey, textured front and back over and comfortable to hold pen.

The duo comes in a sleek black gift box. The notebook was 80 lined pages and includes a satin bookmark so you never lose your place. The ballpoint pen includes a stylus as well, to use with your electronic devices. The journal comes with a magnetic strip on the front that securely holds your pen to it, so your pen is never far from your journal. The journal can be screen printed with your company name or logo on the front corner.

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2. Insulated Lunch Box

Even though your event is virtual, your attendees may be going to their jobs or personal events in person. Encourage them to bring their meals from home instead of going out to eat with an insulated lunch bag that features your brand name directly on the front.

This lunch bag is made of a heathered polyester and features a roll-top opening and plastic closure to keep your meals fresh for hours. The bag is insulated to keep warm foods warm and cold foods cold. It comes in three classic colors and can have your company name or logo imprinted on the front pocket. 

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3. Ring Light

You may not think of it, but the quality of your lighting really affects the way you look on virtual conferences, pre recorded videos, and photos of yourself. Make sure that every video or photo you take has professional and well lit lighting with a clip on ring light. This ring light comes with 36 LED bulbs with three different brightness settings.

A button on the back controls how bright you want your light to be. The back features an anti-slip grip to keep your light in place when attached to a computer or phone screen. The light is rechargeable, portable, and lightweight and comes with a micro USB charging cable. This light fits most smart devices and laptops. Your company name or logo can be screen printed on the front.

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4. Phone Sanitizer and Charger Combo

We are always attached to our cellphones. We make calls, check texts, browse through social media, watch videos, and listen to music on our phones constantly. We are always connected. This means our phones are being exposed to different environments and collecting bacteria and viruses every minute on the surfaces of our screens. Cleaning our phone screens every day is not a priority, but it should be.

Make that habit a little bit easier to form with this UV sanitizing chamber that doubles up as a wireless charger for most smartphones. Just place your phone inside the chamber, select which sanitizing mode you’d like, and the chamber kills up to 99% of germs. Choose between a a deep clean or a quick cleanse. Set your phone on top of the chamber when you’re done sanitizing to wirelessly charge your phone. Personalize it with your company name or logo screen printed on the top. 

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5. Yeti Mug

Keep your drinks extra warm or extra cold for hours with the toughest and most engineered mug on the market. The Yeti 14 oz mug is the ultimate gift for coffee and tea drinkers. This mug is portable and can be taken on the go. The walls of the mug are double insulated keeping your hands from getting too cold or too hot when handling your beverage.

The mug comes with an easily accessible lid that make it easy to drink your beverage while also making sure hot beverages are not too hot to drink. It comes in a variety of fashionable colors and can be laser engraved with your company name or logo. 

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Sending Swag Boxes and Grab Bags

6. Swag Boxes

One of the best ways to feature all the swag that your company has to offer is through swag boxes and grab bags. Swag boxes make it easy to personalize what swag each attendee is getting. You can include items that are related to your event or your most popular swag items.

For events that have a purpose or are used for training, it may be a good idea to include swag items that relate to your event and can be used during. This makes your guests feel like you are attentive to their needs by giving them the tools to be successful at your event. 

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7. Grab Bags

Smaller, less personal swag boxes can be used as grab bags, and these can include your most popular swag items like a comfortable t-shirt or a classic dad hat. Sending wearable swag is a great way to create a sense of belonging and brings virtual event attendees together even if they are far apart. You can even send wearable swag before the event so that event guests can represent your brand during the event. Seeing guests represent your brand together builds strong community bonds. 

How Swag Can Be Used After the Event

 Sending out virtual event swag keeps the community that your brand is cultivating engaged. Your swag not only represents the physical embodiment of your brand but also your brands mission and values. Your swag should be wearable, unique, and/or fun. Good swag leaves a lasting impression and should stay on the minds of your guests long after the event is over. The impression given should be one of excitement for your company and gratefulness that your guests were able to attend. Thinking critically about how your swag can be engaging and how it is presenting keeps guests coming back for more. 

Results of Good Virtual Event Swag

Unique swag finds, swag boxes, and grab bags are just a few examples of how to find and how to create engaging items that drive home community,creation, and excitement. The main idea when it comes to virtual event swag is to be creative, fun, and stand out from the crowd. Doing so will make your event just as exciting as it would be if it were in person. Chase the feeling your get at a face-to-face event and transform that to the virtual event sphere. 

While world events capture the attention and the way we hold all events, keep creating meaningful bonds between consumer and company through swag, events, and communication. Create valuable connections with event guests through these aspects and provide them with meaningful memories of your brand that they’ll look back on fondly and will help your brand continue to rise to the top. 

Ready To Get Started?

Create your own custom swag boxes and find unique swag items for your next virtual event with us at YouInkIt. Chat with us now! 

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