8 Swag Items Your Employees are Sure to Love

by Mar 10, 2021

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Its no secret that employees love receiving swag from their workplaces. Providing swag is a great way for company staff to engage with each other and feel like they’re a part of a community. That being said, not all swag is made equal. There are some products that are loved more than others. It’s time to ditch the stress balls and cheap accessories, and invest in items that your employees are sure to love and get use out of. 

To find out more about what kinds of swag employees love to get from their offices, a poll was put out on Facebook and Instagram and over 25 people were surveyed on their most-used employee swag. Each person surveyed worked for a different company or organization. Collectively, 23 different employee swag items were mentioned. Some people voted on multiple products, while others only voted for one. In conclusion, we’ve compiled a list of eight of the top products voted for by employees. These employee swag items are loved and also used on a daily basis. 


Company T-shirts were one of the highest ranking employee swag items that was voted on. Those who voted, explained that they thought so highly of company shirts because they could be worn at the office on casual days, at home, and around town. One person included that she loves to pair her t-shirts with a pair of joggers or pajama pants for the perfect outfit to lounge in. Not only are t-shirts comfortable, but they’re a great way for employees to advertise their company outside of the workplace. 

Give your employees the gift of a high-quality t-shirt next time you think about employee swag. These T-shirts are a super soft blend of cotton and polyester and come in antique, heather, neon, and safety colors. They’re short-sleeved and double stitched to ensure quality and comfort. Your company and logo can be screen printed on the front or on the back of the shirt. Find this and other styles of t-shirts here

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Coffee and tea mugs were also highly ranked by employees as some of their favorite swag items. Those who voted explained that they loved items that they could use inside and outside of the office. Coffee mugs provide just that. Most offices and workplaces have a break room where hot beverages can be made, so having mugs with your company name on them is a must. Mugs are not only a well received gift, but they’re another great way to advertise your brand in the office and in your employee’s homes. 

Making sure your mugs are great quality and not cheaply made is important too. These 15oz Ceramic Bistro mugs make the perfect keepsake for any business or company. They come in a variety of fun colors and can feature your company name and logo screen printed on the side. Find this and other styles of mugs here

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Stickers were one of the more popular employee swag items that voters included. Some companies or brands may think that stickers are childish, but that’s where they’re wrong. Stickers are a great way to advertise because they stick to everything. Students for example, love to decorate their water bottles, the tops of laptops, notebooks, and folders with different vinyl stickers. Small business sticker shops became insanely popular during the beginning of the pandemic and its safe to say that this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

Advertise your business or brand with CustomCut Vinyl Stickers. These stickers are made with professional white, matte, vinyl material. Every sticker is individually cut to fit the edges and ridges of your logo design. They come individually, not on sticker sheets, so there is no hassle for you when it comes to distributing your stickers. Each sticker is water resistant and can be removed up to a year after placement. Advertise your company logo on stickers today! Find this and other sticker designs here

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Water Bottle

Another great employee swag gift is a stainless steel water bottle. Water bottles are highly thought of by employees across different businesses because of their functionality both inside and outside of the office. For some, there’s nothing better than having a high quality water bottle to take to the gym or out on a run when leaving the office. Providing this item to your employees gives them one less thing to worry about when thinking about keeping themselves hydrated. Plus, giving a reusable water bottle is good for the environment and cuts down on single use plastics. 

Thinking about gifting your employees with a reusable water bottle? Try this 25oz Hampton Stainless Steel Bottle. It comes in five fashionable colors and can be imprinted with your company name or logo. Each bottle has a smooth rubberized finish to combat condensation when carrying cold drinks. It has a spill-resistant sip top lid for easy, mess free drinking and a handle that can be attached to a backpack or gym bag with ease. Find this style and other styles of water bottles here

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Functionality is seen as a must by employees when talking about their favorite employee swag items. One of the most functional accessories that businesses and brands could give are sunglasses. One employee described her love for sunglasses as “immeasurable”. Her office gave out sunglasses every time they had an outdoor event, so that she and her other coworkers could represent their workplace in style. Sunglasses are fashionable and a staple in most people’s wardrobes. It’s no secret that they’re a crafty and sleek way to advertise your business. 

These Daytona sunglasses are perfect for your next outdoor event. They feature UV400, durable, drop resistant lenses and polycarbonate frames. Each pair of sunglasses comes individually wrapped with a protective film on each lens. Your company name or logo can be featured on one side of the frames through pad print technology. They come in six fun colors as well. Find this style and other stylish sunglasses here

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One of the most sought after employee swag items are custom jackets, decked out with company names or logos stitched on them. One employee who voted on the instagram poll sent a message explaining his love for the jacket his workplace provided him after a year of working with them. He explained how receiving the jacket made him feel valued and how he wears the jacket everywhere no matter the temperature. He’s proud to represent his place of work inside and outside of the office. 

These jackets are not only a great gift, but apparel that your employees are sure to love and wear regularly. This zip-up jacket is made with a comfortable micro-fleece that’s lightweight while still keeping you warm. It includes plenty of stretch in the torso and sleeves for comfortable ease of movement. Each jacket is made of 100% polyester and has front zip pockets, triple needle details, and open hemmed cuffs. The jacket can be accented with five fashionable colors and can feature your company’s name or logo embroidered on the front. The jackets come in sizes ranging from Small – 5XL. Find this style and additional styles here



On the go employee swag is great for all employees but especially those who commute to and from the office. Commuters often like to take their work home with them and there’s no better way to do that than with a company backpack. One employee who voted through Facebook shared that they use their company backpack for work related and non work related errands and travel. They claimed it was the perfect bag for a quick weekend trip or an overnight business venture. 

The Pro-Tech laptop backpack is a great backpack to give to employees. It comes with an external USB port so you can charge your electronic devices with an internal battery pack. The battery pack stays safely inside of the main compartment. The interior features a laptop sleeve and multiple pockets to keep all of your valuables safe and secure. This backpack comes in a heather gray color and can feature your company name or logo screen printed to the front. Find this style and other additional backpack styles here

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The last, but certainly not the least popular employee swag item people voted on, is a face mask. During the last year, a global pandemic has swept across our world, changing the way companies and business function. Face masks have not only become a way to protect ourselves from getting sick, but they also have become a prime way to showcase your brand. Employees appreciate having company face masks because they show comradery and solidarity with their workplace while also advertising their brand. 

These 3-ply face masks are made with reusable cotton and has a permanent, sewn-in filter layer. Each mask comes with adjustable nose piece and adjustable ear loops for maximum comfort and protection. These masks come in a variety of colors and can feature your company’s name or logo screen printed on the front. Shop this style and other face mask styles here

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Ready To Get Started Creating Custom Employee Swag?

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