An Internship Guide to Graphic Design

by Apr 24, 2019

A Blog from the Eyes of Our Graphic Design Intern Camryn Pisano:

As the graphic design intern here at YouInkIt, I’ve had to adapt pretty quickly from creating small projects that never left my computer. I originally used Adobe Photoshop to come up with some of the first designs I made for various companies but found it difficult to make quick changes and create things exactly how I wanted them. I eventually switched to Illustrator and it has become my primary application for creating designs. I only move to photoshop to create a mock-up when the design is complete. For text-heavy designs, I use Adobe Indesign to make sure things line up nicely and that the overall application is more text-friendly.  

Saving files can be a little daunting at first but being organized is essential when handling a lot of files at once. Training yourself to save your work under helpful file names seems trivial but it makes finding files much more manageable and keeps your desktop clean

Tricks like saving the date and time in the name of the file can help as well as being as specific as possible since it’s easy to have multiple versions of the same file.

Learning the different file types to save your work under is also imperative when sending your work out to other people. The most common file type is a simple .jpeg. This will save your work exactly as seen on screen. If there is no background, it will automatically save on a white background. If you are saving something like a logo that will be placed on different products, you’ll probably want to go with a .png file. This file type will save your work with a transparent background.

Choosing the right file types for your custom apparel

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