Best Branded Office Supplies

by Feb 2, 2021

Right now offices all around the world are starting to tentatively open their doors back up to their employees. Now more than ever office employees need to feel a sense of comradery with their coworkers and office higher ups. As people return to work, having new office supplies is a great way to ease stress and the some of the tension of returning back to the work place. 

While the workplace may look different while following new safety precautions and rules, the sense of community can change for the better. These are some of the best branded office supplies that are highly regarded and appreciated by all. 

Branded office supplies are not only a great way to gift your employees, but a fantastic way to market your brand outside of the office. When your employees take their gifts out and about into the world, your brand is being seen by members of your community and beyond. 

It’s important to make sure your brand name and logo are fresh and professional looking when being placed on your promotional products. 

Not sure which of the best branded office supplies to give to your staff? We’ve compiled a list of eight of our favorite supplies to give to employees. 

Branded Office Pens

Pens have become a highly successful marketing tool and can be used inside and outside of your office. Pens can be used by everyone and spread your business name fast. These pens come in beautiful and vibrant colors with black and silver accents on both top and bottom. They’re smooth to write with, with no bumps or skips as you glide across documents. They come with an ergonomic grip that’s comfortable to use. Each pen comes with blue or black ink and is screen printed on the barrel with your company name or logo. 

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Branded Notebooks

Although our world is thriving with the emergence of new technology and moving things to the digital space, notebooks are still a constant item in offices around the globe. Many people still prefer the crisp, clean feeling of paper to write their notes down on.  Give your employees that familiar feeling as well as the knowledge that they’re doing something good for the environment with these eco-friendly spiral notebooks. Each hardcover notebook comes with a color matching pen. The notebook cover and spiral are made with 80% post-consumer recycled materials. Each one of the 70 sheets are made with recycled paper as well. These notebooks come in a variety of colors and are screenprinted with your company name or logo. 

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Branded Adhesive Notes

Need to create a reminder or jot down a quick note during a meeting? It is not always appropriate to get out your phone or electronic device during a meeting. Jot down your thoughts on these adhesive notes. This notepad comes in a cube and has 550 adhesive note pages guaranteed to stick to your computer or desk so your important information is not forgotten. Soy-based ink is printed on 60 pound durable stock paper. The adhesive is made with water based Micro-sphere, allowing it to be reapplied to surfaces many times. Each page can be imprinted with your company name or logo. 

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Branded Coffee Mugs

Ceramic mugs are a staple in every coffee drinker’s cabinet. They keep drinks warm and are a low cost way to share fun quotes and elegant designs. Create brand awareness in the office and at home by giving mugs that coffee and tea drinkers alike can enjoy, without breaking the promotional items bank. These ceramic mugs are white and glossy and can be customized with a full color logo of your company on both sides of the mug. They are also made right here in the United States. 

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Branded Tumblers

While your offices were remote and your employees were working from home, your staff had ample time to visit their kitchens for drinks and snacks throughout the day. Make sure they keep hydrated throughout the day while also representing the company with insulated tumblers. These fun colored tumblers come in a multitude of fun colors and come with a matching straw. These cups make it easy to sip and stay hydrated throughout the day. They come with double insulated plastic walls to keep condensation from appearing on the cup when you have a cold drink. Your company logo can appear front and center on your cup. 

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Branded Headphones

Headphones are the gift that keeps on giving. They’re used every day for every device. If you want to show your staff your appreciation and provide a meaningful and high quality gift, consider giving them AirPods. AirPods are premium Apple Brand earbuds and are some of the most sought after tech products in the world. Take the next step of representing your brand by customizing each AirPods case with your company name or logo. This is a great way to showcase your brand to the world in a way that can be enjoyed by others. 

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Branded Desk Organizer

Coming back to your office workspace might seem a little daunting. While working from home, you may have had the opportunity to spread out your work space a little bit. Coming back to a desk, cubicle, or office may be a little anxiety inducing. Keep everything in your workspace in its place with a wireless charging desk organizer. This keeps all of your important belongings in one location, creating a clutter free space. Each organizer is compatible for phones that can be wirelessly charged. It has compartments for all of your essential supplies such as pens and mini notepads. There are two options for screen printing your company name or logo. 


Branded Business Card Holder

When visitors start coming back in for appointments and meetings, its important that your employees have a space on their desks to display their business cards. Business cards are a professional way to market your business and your employees. They showcase what your company is known for and what services you can provide. They also include key contact information so displaying them on your desk for visitors to take is important for business growth. 

This business card holder can hold business cards or a phone, and two kinds of adhesive notes. The card holder comes in five great colors. It’s convenient to use and can be screen printed with your company’s name and logo on it. 

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Why Should You Invest In Branded Office Supplies?

As a company you want your brand to stand out. You want your  brand image to become recognizable so that your business gains traction. Having the best branded office supplies makes you look at your company’s image and what it looks like to the outside world. 

You’ll want to create a creative and quality logo that’s bright and eye-catching. Your logo should not look similar to other company logos. Having a distinct logo on your office supplies, will make your company stand out from the competition. Consider working with a graphic designer to update your logo if you feel it needs some work. 

Having a distinct and recognizable logo on your office supplies makes it easy to network with other brands and companies. This isn’t the only way to market your business but it’s one of the simplest. Having tangible items, like office supplies, puts your brand in the consumer’s face, and sets your company apart from others who may be similar to you. Clients and potential customers are more likely to remember your company if you give them something tangible to hold on to. 

You also want to think about the quality of your products. Creating the best branded office supplies and making sure those supplies are made with quality materials instead of made cheaply, gives not only your consumers the message that you are committed to providing quality products and services, but also proving to your employees that you care about the quality of the materials they use. 

You’re not only providing customers with a tangible product but you’re giving employees materials that they actually need and would use. It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small or if you’re running a small or a big business, your employees still need supplies. Take the next step up by customizing each office supply. 

By giving employees office supplies that they want and that they need you are providing a more work friendly environment. You are showing your employees that you care about their needs, while also being able to market your brand. Employees know when they’re supervisors don’t care about them. It is easy to tell when management has cut corners. People should take pride in working for you, so take pride in what you provide for them. 

Purchasing the best branded office supplies is an investment, but it is worth it. Your office supplies are a wonderful marketing tool, necessities for your employees, and a nice way to show your team your appreciation. After making sure you have the perfect logo and design for your business, reach out to us to discuss how we can help you create the best branded office supplies for your business. 

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