Best Branded Travel Swag

by Feb 2, 2021

Travel Swag

Summer may be months away, but company travel happens all the time. For many people, traveling is another commitment that they’ve made for their companies as part of their job, especially if their company has offices all over the country or the world. 

It is normal to feel stressed out about company travel, but it is your job as an employer to be aware of your employee’s needs when traveling. Providing them with some necessary and comfort items while traveling, is just one way to help ease their stresses. 

Keep your employees representing your brand and feeling appreciated with the best branded travel swag. These items can be used on business trips and long awaited vacations. 

Travel Bags

When traveling by plane, car, or any other necessary means of transportation, you’ll want to pack your things in a high quality bag. Whether you’re traveling on an overnight trip, a weekend trip, or for a longer period of time, the quality of your luggage is important, especially when doing company travel. 

For a day trip or an overnight trip, consider giving your employees a customized tote bag. This large, canvas tote bag features a large main pocket and a large front pocket for more storage. It closes with a small magnetic closure and comes with vegan leather handles. Each bag comes with the ability to be customized with your brand name or logo. These bags come in two fashionable colors and the brand name or logo is screen printed on. 

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Duffle Bags

For a longer trip, such as a weekend conference or quick getaway, try a compact duffel bag. The Urban Duffle Bag is sleek in design and easy to carry. It contains a main compartment with three additional pockets, one of which being a shoe pouch with ventilation to keep shoes smelling fresh and away from your clothes. The bag is attached with a shoulder strap, dual handles, and a handle on the side. The bag is made with polyester and is water resistant, great for on-the-go. It comes in three fashionable colors and can be screen printed with your brand name or logo on the front. 

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Carry-on Suitcase

If you plan on sending a staff member or employee on a longer trip or are considering flying them out to a work event, consider providing them with branded luggage to market your company with minimal effort. Roll through airports with ease while simultaneously charging your phone with the Samsonite carry-on suitcase. Featuring built-in organization, many pockets, and a USB charging port to charge electronic devices. Each suitcase can be embroidered with your company name or logo. 

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Luggage Tags

Another addition on our list of the best branded travel swag is a sleek, faux leather luggage tag. These luggage tags are a great addition to the tote bag, duffel bag, or the suitcase. Designed to protect your identification information, these luggage tags feature an adjustable strap and buckle to fasten the tag to your luggage securely. They come in a variety of colors  and can be screen printed with your company name or logo directly on the front. 

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Personal Care Kit

Every time you travel you need to bring a personal care kit. Personalizing and customizing a personal care kit for your employees or staff members is a great way to make sure their needs are met on the trip while also marketing your brand. What should you include in your personal care kit? 

A compact toothbrush is an absolute essential when traveling. This Traveler’s toothbrush comes in a plastic, protective case to fit snugly into a purse or toiletries bag. Each toothbrush has medium-soft bristles and comes in three fashionable colors. Your company name or logo can be screen printed on the side of the toothbrush. 

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Travel Bottles

When your employee or staff member is traveling, they’re not going to want to carry around large bottles of their hygiene products, nor are they really going to want to use the ones at their hotels. Give them branded travel bottles to store products like shampoo, conditioner, and face wash in. These travel bottles are made of silicone and can hold two ounces of product. The bottles are easy to use, simply fill up your bottles with product and squeeze it out when you’re ready to use it. Each bottle can be imprinted with your company logo. The bottles come in three colors. 

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Pocket Comb

When your employees are getting ready for the day, it is imperative that they look their best, especially when representing your company at a work function or conference. Make sure not a hair is out of place with a standard pocket comb. These combs have been popular for years and never go out of style. They’re made with poly material and easily can be put into a travel bag or purse.

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Compact Mirror

For quick appearance check ups, consider gifting your colleagues with a compact mirror. These mirrors are thin and lightweight and can easily fit into a purse and travel bag. A plastic, hinged lid protects the mirror from breakage, scratches, or cracks. 

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Your employees need to be able to store all of their personal care items so consider providing them with a bag designed to hold all of their toiletries. This toiletry bag comes with two large compartments, two smaller, zippered compartments, three easily accessible pockets, and a comfortable handle to carry. It comes in black and can showcase your company name or logo screen printed on the front or back of the bag. 

Portable Charger

One thing your employees don’t want when traveling is for their electronic devices to run out of power. Whether that be their phones, wireless headphones, or other device, running out of battery can be frustrating and concerning. 

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a portable charger. This lithium-ion power bank was created to provide smartphones and tablets with a full charge. These chargers are perfect for on-the-go and come with a USB cable. The charger itself must be charged before use through either a wall or car outlet. The power bank charges fully in five hours and comes with a micro-USB for charging use. It comes in six fashionable colors and can be stamped with your company name or logo on the side. 

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Water Bottles

When traveling, it is easy to forget to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is not something your employees would want to experience while away on company business. Keep them hydrated with a reusable, stainless steel water bottle. These water bottles come in two sleek colors and feature insulated walls and a twist on cap to keep drinks hot or cold for up to eight hours. The bottles can be screen printed with your company name or logo. 

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Those who travel often are no stranger to the cold temperatures of planes or trains. Keep your employees cozy and warm while also representing your brand with a hooded sweatshirt. These comfortable sweatshirts come in a multitude of colors and are a cozy blend of cotton and polyester. They’re double lined with a matching colored pouch pocket and drawstring. Your company name or logo can be screen printed or heat transferred to the hoodie. 

Personal Protection Equipment Kit

In these uncertain times, traveling can be daunting. The rise of COVID cases and other illnesses in certain parts of the world is very prevalent and its important for companies to keep their employees safe. When company travel is necessary, a good thing to do for your staff members is to provide personal protective equipment (PPE). 

These PPE kits come with a travel pouch that can feature your company name or logo on it, a two ounce hand sanitizer, a fabric face mask, a pack of five face mask filters, a pack of 10 wet wipes, and a door handle opener. 

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Face Masks 

One of the best branded travel swag options out right now is a reusable face mask. Disposable face masks are great but are an easy way to contribute to all the waste in our landfills. Keep your employees safe and the environment clean with reusable face masks. These are non-medical grade masks are made with two layers of cotton and come with a pocket for a filter. They have adjustable ear loops and are designed to make talking and breathing easier. They come in a multitude of colors and can feature your company’s logo on the side. 

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When your employees are out and about on the golf course or for an outdoors event, make sure these sunglasses are always on hand to protect their eyes. These durable sunglasses are wood grain, polycarbonate frames, and come with a protective layer on the lenses so they are scratch resistant. They come in two colors and can be pad printed on either side with your company name or logo. These affordable sunglasses are a chic alternative to expensive brands, and are a wonderful way to represent your company. 

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