The Ultimate Corporate Gifts for this Holiday Season

by Aug 25, 2021

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays! Youinkit wants you to enjoy your holiday season stress-free without feeling that holiday rush! Planning ahead is the key to a smooth sailing holiday and we’ve got your back!

Corporate gifts during the holiday season are a great way to express your gratitude for those relationships that drive your companies growth and reputation. So make your employees feel merry and bright by gifting them the ultimate cheery gifts this season! Items such as logo ornaments, cozy blankets, insulated drinkware, tasty snacks, and easy to mail items for remote staff are sure to brighten your team’s spirits.

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Why is sending corporate gifts to employees and clients important in 2021?

2020 was a hard year for all of us around the globe so we want to bounce back from that the right way by lifting our employee’s spirits and making them feel special for all their hard work during a very tough year. Last year was rough but now we BOUNCE BACK! Let them know we are all in this together and you appreciate their dedication and contributions to the company. 

Providing high-quality or personalized gifts to employees is particularly important because it’s known to boost employee engagement, happiness levels, and even productivity. Think outside of the box and come up with items that will without a doubt improve their workday or items that they would be proud to show off!

How much should I spend on corporate holiday gifts?

That is a great question and I’m glad you asked! It is important to aim for high-quality gifts while not spending an excessive amount of money. You want your team to feel appreciated while keeping in mind that you don’t want to invite any type of unnecessary expectations. No matter which gifts you choose for your employees, aim to spend anywhere from $100 or less. If you have multiple employees working within your company make sure to spend the same amount of money on each individual during the holidays.

What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Not sure what to gift your team members this holiday season? Mix and match a variety of treats, drinks, or seasonal spices to create a practical and personal gift that will fit right into your budget. An example of a super fun gourmet gift basket includes Champagne, champagne flutes, truffles, crackers, and cheese. Yum to the max!

Gourmet chocolates

I want to get chocolate wasted!!! You can never go wrong with a basket of assorted chocolates! Pick and choose from a variety of chocolates to make the ultimate holiday gift basket for your employees this season!

Do you want to know the perfect ingredient to spice up this holiday season? Utilizing Youinkit’s services and working with a team member to help you create unique and personalized corporate gifts that will ensure your companies satisfaction!

Holiday Spirit Box

Nothing screams holiday spirit more than being gifted a customized tis’ the season swag box!

  1. Knit Hat
  2. Holiday Candle
  3. Make your own hot chocolate 
  4. Sweatshirt 
  5. Mug
  6. Fleece blanket
  7. Fuzzy socks
  8. Bottle of wine

Box of Goodies

We all love a good snack. Create your own customized box of any and all the yum yum’s you can think of. Gifting a variety of sweet and salty snacks of perfect to satisfy all those hunger needs and they can be used for a fun movie and game nights with your friends and family! 

Box of Tranquility

The ultimate holiday gift for relaxation and rejuvenation! Gift your employees something special that will bring a sense of serenity back into their homes.

1. Journal 

Sit back relax and write down all your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

2. Assorted Markers

A great addition for all of your journaling needs to help you organize your thoughts and feelings on an elevated level.

3. Tote

Portable and handy for those times when you want to pack up all your peace and serenity must-haves.

4. Tea Set

What’s more calming than a nice cup of tea on a beautiful morning while you watch the sunrise? 

5. Faux succulents 

A beautiful addition to any home and a great accent piece that is calming to the eye.

6. Bath Soak

After a super long day at work, it’s important to relax and recharge for the next day to stay on top of your game. Bath soaks are a great way to decompress and get back into your A-game. 

7. Rosemary candle

Smell goods are always a great way to someone’s heart. Gift a calming scent such as this to help your employees relax.

Individual Holiday Gifts

Mix and match these items to create your very own ultimate holiday swag box. 

1. Tile Mate

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.08.53 PM

Don’t you hate those moments when you’re running around frantically searching for your phone or keys with absolutely no clue where they could be! Well, stress no more with this unique device which helps you track down any lost item you have connected. Less stress, more smiles!

2. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pack

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.11.13 PM

The way to my heart and sure to be the way to your employees! A perfectly portable pack of the yummiest chocolate-covered pretzels. These are a must for this holiday season.

3. Amazon Echo

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.14.20 PM

Alexa is able to play music, provide information, deliver news and sports scores, tell you the weather, control your smart home and even allow Prime members to order products from Amazon. Your tech-loving employees are going to love this thoughtful gift!

4. Travel Backpack 

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.16.16 PM

The perfect addition for your team members’ next travel venture! Let them know you got their back with a special gift such as this one. You can even go a step further by making it more personable and embroidering their name and company logo on it.

5. Wireless Power Bank

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.17.49 PM

You can never go wrong with one of these bad boys! Charge your devices at any point in time, no more worrying if your device will die at an important moment during the day when you’re relying on your phone for those big work moments!

6. Custom Socks

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.19.17 PM

Good ol’ socks! We wear them most days right! Gifting your employees super fun customized socks will surely put a big ol’ smile on their faces!

7. Kindle

Nothing like snuggling up next to the nice warm fire with a good book! Better yet, a compact tablet that can hold all your favorite books in one portable device. 

8. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.20.44 PM

Do you want to build a snowman? This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is perfect for those winter snow days when you want to go outside and have a snowball fight or build a snowman! Portable and waterproof is the way to go!

9. Custom Branded Fleece Jacket

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.22.16 PM

Let your employees know you care by making your employees feel special and valued by gifting them their very own custom fleece jacket with your companies logo on it. Sure to keep your employees cozy in the winter weather!

10. Heated Blanket

This is an absolutely primo gift for those chilly winter nights when you want to snuggle up and watch a cheery holiday movie with your family. 

11. Tumbler 

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.24.39 PM

Perfect for those spiked hot chocolates or your favorite winter ale! This tumbler will always appreciated by your staff.

12. Joggers

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.26.35 PM

We all have that one comfy pair of sweats we throw on after a long day in the office. Your employees will love and appreciate a pair of these custom joggers to help them unwind in Youinkit style!

13. Slippers

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.27.45 PM

A must-have in every household! A super comfy pair of slippers will always bring joy to your team’s hearts and warmth to their toes!

14. Gloves

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.29.08 PM

Burrrr…. Do you ever find yourself out and about on a super chilly day with no gloves to keep you warm? This happens to me all of the time! Well worry no more, this right here is an A1 gift for your staff this holiday season and sure to keep their hands warm!

15. Earmuffs

Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 9.31.05 PM

Help your team stay prepared for the winter season by gifting some fluffy fun earmuffs to keep them warm for the holidays on their walk into work!

Need help with a purchase requisition? 

Purchase requisitions are documents used when team members need to make a purchase on behalf of their organization. Put simply, it is an official order used to inform department managers or purchasing officers about a decision to make a purchase. 

Now, you may ask why are they so important in the procurement process? 

1. They initiate the purchasing process 

If there are any issues, the document will act as evidence when it comes to questioning things like communication 

2. They’re an effective control tool

With a formal purchase request, there are measures in place to reduce the risk of fraud, and a purchasing request must go through a variety of individuals to ensure its accuracy. It is also important for auditing purposes.

3. They protect the organization from fraud

Purchase requisitions make it extremely difficult for the staff to purchase goods and services for their own personal use by utilizing organizational capital. 

4. Purchase requisitions centralize the procurement process 

These documents offer central control over all business spending and make it easy to manage what goes out, when by whom, and to whom. 

Go check out Kissflow which offers a definitive guide to purchasing requisition in 2021.

Merry Everything and Happy Always

priscilla du preez JCfQNQ EuGI unsplash edited scaled

Hoping your holidays are filled with love, family, and happiness. Now that you have the rundown of some of the top questions asked regarding corporate gifts for this holiday season and a layout of the top corporate holiday gifts of 2021 you are now ready to take on the season and shine like the star you are! Surprise your employees in 2021 with elevated and thoughtful gifts that will show them just how valued they are as team members. Best wishes for a New Year filled with success. 

Youinkit will make your holiday season stress-free by assisting with all your swag needs. Book a time to chat with us now!

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