17 Awesome Budget Friendly Swag Ideas

by Dec 21, 2021

When choosing swag for your company, you’ll want to make sure you hit the nail on the head on the first try. The last thing you want is for your employees, potential customers, or other interested parties to be disappointed with items that are neither interesting nor functional. 

To make sure the people receiving your company’s swag will be happy with your items, take a look at a few of the best budget-friendly swag options available.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.29.37 PM 1

Stainless steel tumblers are a perfect swag option because everyone has a use for them. Tumblers are great for travel, and users often spend a large part of their days using them. Choosing an insulated drinking vessel will appeal to all beverage drinkers because they come in multiple colors and are excellent at keeping coffee hot and iced drinks cold. It’s also a perfect way to get your brand’s name out into the world, as people often bring their tumblers in public and to work.

Bubble Popper

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.28.46 PM

Silicone bubble poppers are an excellent choice for swag if you’re looking for something that’s both kid and adult-friendly. Not only do these fidget toys keep small hands busy, but they also act as great “thinking” tools for adults. Bubble poppers are an ideal pick if you’re handing out swag for events relating to healthcare or at schools.

Power Bank

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.31.54 PM

A portable power bank is a valuable piece of swag for anyone who regularly carries a cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch. Not only that, but it’s an excellent way for you to get your company’s name and logo out there for an extended period. As far as functional swag goes, a slim power bank hits the top of the list.


Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.32.43 PM

If you’re promoting your new coffee house or bed and breakfast, a six-ounce bag of coffee is a great way to promote brand awareness. With various colors and flavors to pick from, choosing fun coffee samples will be a great way to let potential customers know who you are.


Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.34.38 PM

Carabiners are handy tools that easily keep keys attached to belt loops, shoulder straps, or purses. Carabiner keyrings come in a variety of colors, and they’re made for long-term daily use, so not only are they functional, but they’re long-lasting, too.

Pizza Cutter

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.35.51 PM

If you’re opening a new pizzeria or want to do a play on words for your full-service offerings, a brightly-colored pizza cutter would be a fun choice. You can get promotional pizza cutters that come in multiple colors, cut several different foods, and are dishwasher safe.


Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.36.51 PM

Drink koozies are one of the most versatile pieces of swag you can offer. They suit any occasion, from a school fundraiser to promoting a new bar or restaurant. With more than two dozen colors to choose from, koozies are the perfect way to boost awareness of your brand. 

Ice Scraper

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.37.58 PM

If you live in colder climes and want to offer up some swag that will get some good use, an ice scraper is an ideal choice. 

Not only is an ice scraper unlikely to get tossed into a kitchen drawer and forgotten, but it will also last through quite a few winters, which gives this piece of swag the benefit of longevity.

Phone Wallet

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.38.52 PM

A simple way to keep your ID and credit cards close without the bulk of a purse or wallet is with a phone wallet that can stick right to the back of your phone. Phone wallets are valuable items that come in assorted colors and display your company logo.


Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.39.41 PM

Flashlights make a fun pick for swag because they’ll never outlive their usefulness. If you choose a style with an LED bulb and a replaceable battery, you’ll be able to boost your brand awareness for years to come.

Pet Bag Dispenser

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.41.16 PM

If you want to boost awareness for a pet charity, new pet store, or animal shelter, then you’ll want to appeal to all the pet owners out there. A pet bag dispenser works great for pet parents of all types, from dog owners who wish to pick up after their dogs to cat parents who regularly clean a litter box.


Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.42.15 PM

If you want a piece of swag that can appeal to adults, kids, and pet owners, a frisbee would be a perfect choice. A frisbee is a great way to promote your brand while kicking off summer. It’s also something people will likely bring to a friend’s house to toss around during an outdoor get-together.

Alligator Clip

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.43.17 PM

Anyone who has a desk would appreciate the helpful addition of an alligator clip holder. These brightly-colored cubes can hold pictures, notes, or other memos. The clip itself is strong enough to hold cardboard, so you won’t have to worry about sturdiness, either.


Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.44.10 PM

Sunglasses have an array of uses as swag. You can offer a pair to beach-goers during a summer promotion or hand them out to little kids at the dentist’s office. The best part is that they come in a dozen colors and feature a classic, universally flattering design.


Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.45.05 PM

If you’re offering up swag at an event that will be attended by a large group of people who work from a desk daily, a mousepad can help keep your brand front and center. If you want your swag to pull double-duty, you can even offer a 12-month calendar that doubles as a mousepad.

Lip Balm

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.46.01 PM

A seasonally flavored, beeswax-based organic lip balm can be a substantial promotional hit. Not only do lip balms taste great as they condition your lips, but frequent users will almost always have a tube or two on hand to flash around your company’s logo.

Drawstring Bag

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 5.47.01 PM

Kids and adults alike will find use in a durable drawstring backpack. Pick a brightly-colored drawstring bag to use as a promotional item for businesses and organizations or as a great way to promote school spirit in your local district.


When you hand out swag or sell items with your organization’s logo on them, you want them to end up in front of as many new faces as possible. 

To maximize your brand awareness, make sure the items are functional, long-lasting, and, most importantly, they should leave the user with a positive impression of your organization that they can take with them wherever they go.

Contact us today for more information on how you can customize your very own swag.

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