Buying Eco-Friendly Swag is Easier Than You Think

by Jul 27, 2020

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The next time you look into ordering swag, consider buying eco-friendly! A lot of companies have made the switch to eco-friendly products and apparel in recent years. It has become increasingly easier to find eco-friendly products and at a cheap price!  

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to eco-friendly products, you save money from continuously buying products, its good for the environment, 

It’s fairly simple to switch out your everyday items with eco-friendly products that work just as well, if not better!

  At Youinkit we also have contributed to providing eco-friendly swag. 

“Make a big impact by making little impact.”  

Tote Bags 

All you need are a few and your set for life! Tote bags are the best for running errands or shopping to avoid using plastic bags. Many stores have prohibited the use of plastic bags, which is a great way to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic going to waste. Now with tote bags, they can be used frequently and more often. Invest in a sturdy well made bag in order to get months, even years worth! We have a variety of styles to choose from that work perfect for branding and everyday use.  

Metal Straws 

Portable, small, and easy to clean, there are so many different types of metal straws to choose from! What they all have in common is that they are a safe alternative to plastic straws. Many states and restaurants have banned plastic straws for customer use and have switched to an alternative of paper, recycled, metal or none at all. When going out save the environment by bringing your own! Use metal straws at home too and cut down your plastic straw consumption.    

Reusable Water Bottles 

Reusable water bottles are super easy to invest in and can be used daily! Water bottles are a cheap alternative to saving money and lower your use in plastic water bottles. Reusable water bottles are light and portable and there are tons that you can choose from.  

Eco-Friendly Notebooks  

Everyone uses notebooks; students, parents, teachers the list goes on. Go eco-friendly with a notebook that is sustainable and also long lasting.  Buying recycled notebooks helps save landfill spaces and preserve resources. Believe it or not, paper used tons of water to produce. Lower your water waste consumption easily with notebooks, it may seem small but does a big difference.

Custom Recycled Pens 

Millions of people utilize plastic pens. Pens are the staple for fairs, events, organizations and a top tier swag product. In order to beat plastic waste, we have a variety of recycled pens including wooden, cardboard and bamboo.

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