7 Swag Ideas to Break the Ice on Cold Leads

by Mar 24, 2021

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Winter may be over but large companies and small business around the world are still working hard to meet monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals. One of the easiest ways to finish a business deal is by try and engage with a previous lead that feel through earlier in the year. There are many reasons why business deals and leads don’t follow up or follow through. They may have been too busy, points of contact may have been lost, or the timing may not have been right for them. Whatever the reason, cold leads can be picked up again with the right encouragement plan of action. 

Sometimes trying the usual way of communication with cold lead clients doesn’t help to get their attention. Emails, phone calls, and messages don’t always work to get your potential customer fully interested. If this is the case, we have some swag ideas for cold leads that could help to catch and reel in your clients. When choosing the right swag item to send to your potential client, you’ll want to pick an item or items that signify everything your brand stands for, creating an opportunity to give them the perfect selling point when the time becomes available. 

Here at YouInkIt, we’ve put together a list with a few different categories of special and quality swag ideas for cold leads. 

Everyday Items

Something that could interest your potential client is an item that they can use everyday. This client could have become a cold lead previously because they were too busy with their business to have time to think about your business proposal. If this is the case, your client may be overwhelmed with the amount of messages clogging up their inbox or voicemail. Using a more creative way to engage with this client is sure to get their attention. Because they’re so busy, try to provide them with an item that they could use every day, 

Portable phone charger

If your client is always on the go, something as simple as a portable phone charger could be the perfect way to be a part of their everyday life. This is a great gift because it can be used over and over again. The Heartbeat Power bank is the perfect addition to your client’s travel bag, work bag, or purse. When in use, this technologically advanced power bank lights up, like a heartbeat, every few seconds. When doing this, the power bank highlights your company logo. This is great way for your client to think of you every time they plug in their phone on the go! 

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Gym bag or travel bag

It isn’t a far off assumption to guess that your potential could travel a lot for their business and/or take time to decompress from work by going to the gym for a work out. Whatever the reason for use, a gym bag or overnight travel bag is sure to get frequent use. This Quick Kick Duffel bag is your next go to client gift, perfect for a quick trip to the gym, or a simple overnight trip. Its made with polyester and polypropylene and comes with a large central pocket. The bag has two woven handles, small side pocket, mesh pocket, and an adjustable shoulder strap. It comes in two colors and can feature your company name screen printed to the front of the bag. 

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Another popular, useful, and thoughtful everyday item to provide for your potential client is an umbrella. This gift is great because you never know when it may start raining, and being outside without an umbrella can be the worst part of your day. Making sure that your client is always prepared for an unfortunate weather day shows how much you care about them, and will not go unnoticed. This stylish golf umbrella will be the MVP to your client’s bad weather days. It’s designed to withstand heavy wind gusts, up to 60mph, and features canopy technology to keep the umbrella in place. Each umbrella comes with a matching sleeve to store it in. It comes in a variety of colors and can feature your company name on a side panel. 

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Why Invest in Everyday Items?

Giving gifts that solve everyday problems such as a low battery phone, needing a bag for on-the-go or gym purposes, or getting caught in bad weather, helps show your client that you care about their well being and their day to day lives. 

A Warm Touch on Cool Days

Although the winters months may be over, warmer days don’t start appearing in some places for months. Sincerely cooler temperatures are staying around for some time, show a potential client that you value their business and the relationship you are forming with them by providing them with gifts that will keep themselves and their beverages warm through these colder weeks. We’ve provided a couple swag ideas for cold leads that are sure to break through the ice. 

Insulated Travel Cup

There is nothing worse that getting your favorite warm beverage on a cold day and having it quickly get to room temperature or colder because the drink is in a paper coffee cup instead of an insulated cup. This 12 oz coffee cup features double insulated walls made out of stainless steel which keeps coffee, tea, or  a beverage of your choice warm for up to four hours. Each cup comes with a plastic, push on lid to prevent spills, while keeping your beverage available to drink from. These travel cups come in two colors and can be either laser engraved or screen printed with your company name or logo, depending on your choosing. 

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Fuzzy Socks

A great way to warm up your cold lead from the ground up is with a nice, warm pair of socks. People don’t always admit it, but socks are an incredibly popular gift that are usually very well received. Socks are not only useful but can be completely customizable with different colors, logos, and designs. While there are plenty of socks on the market to choose from, one of our favorites are fuzzy socks. These fashionable fuzzy socks are super soft, warm, and perfect for a cold day at home or on the go. They come in a variety of cozy and fun colors and can feature your company name or logo on a woven patch attached to each sock. 

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Pom Pom Beanie

When snow is falling or cold winds are blowing, keeping your head warm is a must. Protect your potential client’s head from the cold temperatures with a Pom Pom beanie. Beanie’s are fashionable and comfortable. They add style and warmth to any wintery outfit. This beanie is great because it will promote your company while also keeping your client warm. Each beanie is two toned and comes in eight stylish colors. Your logo or company name can be screen printed on the front to showcase your brand. Your client will be sure to take this beanie on their next ski trip or a colder vacation destination. 

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Build Your Client a custom Swag Box.

If you want to make a lasting impression on a cold lead and want to provide them with a lasting impression of your company without having to send individual items at different times, then a customizable swag box may be the best option for you. Swag boxes are great swag ideas for cold leads. 

The great thing about swag boxes is that you can customize them any way you want them. Want to send your best-selling swag items? A cocktail box? A movie-themed box? The choices for customization are endless and anything you send can be designed with your company in mind. Every item provided in your box with have a tie to your company either with your name, logo, or tag line. The possibilities are endless. 

YouInkIt has a wide variety of products for all of your swag needs. Each swag box that YouInkIt makes is specifically designed and tailored to your company’s needs. When creating your custom box, choose each product you’d like to include. If you don’t see something you like, contact your representative and they‘ll write down the description of what you’d like a source that product for you. 

Then you’ll receive an apparel and swag quote that determines the cost of your boxes. Then you’ll choose how many boxes you want, what colors you want your swag items to come in,  and the location of where the boxes are to be sent. After your get your quote and pick your products, you’ll upload the logo or name design of your company, business, or brand to provide to our in-house graphics team, who will make sure that all your swag is branded appropriately. 

Last but not least, you will receive a message from us to approve your art, and then our production team will create your custom swag and apparel. All of our boxes are made by hand and put together with utmost care and precision. Every part of your box is customized to you, down to the wrapping. 

Ready to get started?

These swag ideas for cold leads are just a few examples of gifts to show the potential clients in your life what your business can offer. Contact us today to get started making your own customized swag and apparel. 

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