9 Culture and Community Swag Items to Connect with Your Team Members

by Apr 30, 2021

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Building a positive work culture and community is imperative for running a successful company. What better way to encourage this than by incorporating swag into your everyday business endeavors. Using swag regularly in campaigns, as giveaways, and to engage clientele is a powerful marketing tool. By incorporating swag into daily business endeavors, you can influence the growth of the culture and community of your company. 

Over the last year more and more businesses have moved online due to the pandemic, distributing their workforce to the comfort of their homes. Using swag is important now more than ever to help your employees feel connected to each other. Creating a sense of belonging, community, and family promotes company culture growth. Culture and community swag should not include the kind of swag you use for other events. It shouldn’t be overproduced, low-quality, or easily discarded. Swag that is used to build company culture should be well thought out, something everyone will enjoy, and specific to your company. 

Culture and community swag can be used for specific company events or as a surprise gift. Swag has been built into this massive success when it comes to powering your brand’s growth. You can share a segment of your brand, its culture, values, and mission with anyone at any given point in time. This paired with the success generated from your employees, sales calls, working marketing, public relations, and more creates an economically and socially successful business. What Kind of Swag Promotes Culture and Community? 


Let’s get right into it. Swag is extremely beneficial not just for businesses but for schools, nonprofits, sports teams, school organizations, and more. People love getting free stuff, especially free stuff that they can use. Swag that can be thrown out easily does not make your brand or organization memorable. Giving out wearable, tangible, and usable swag creates a higher engagement level with the audience you’re trying to reach. 

1. T-shirts

T-shirts are a popular promotional item for any and all organization types because they cross off all of the important boxes; they’re tangible, wearable, and usable. Not every company and culture swag item or generalized promotional product has to cross off every box, but the more boxes they cross off the better the response will be. This Unisex Short Sleeved shirt is perfect for all of your business and organization needs. It is the perfect host for your company or school’s designs. Each t-shirt has a retail fit and is made with 100% cotton. They come in a wide variety of colors and can feature your design on the front and/or the back if you so choose. 

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2. Polo

Step up your business’s style game with a solid color polo. Polos are a great addition to your employee’s wardrobe for inside the workplace or a special event. They’re classy and professional. Polos are typically made with a higher quality material than their t-shirt counterparts. These standout polos are made by Adidas and are the top performance level that your brand is looking for. They’re available in sizes Small-XXL, are made with moisture wicking technology, and a ribbed collar. Adidas makes an assortment of different colored polos, so you’re sure to find one that aligns with your brand. Embroider your company or organization name on the front of the polo. 

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This simple swag item will be a favorite among your team. Custom lanyards are simple and effective swag items, as they can advertise your brand or organization as well as their mission, while also being a highly used item. These lanyards are made of polyester and feature your company or organization name on them. It includes two different kinds of attachments to fit your preference of clip as well as a break-away release on the top. They come in variety of colors. 

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4. Face masks 

Across the United States, more and more states, regions, and storefronts are easing up on their rules and regulations on masks and face coverings. However, many schools, organizations, and businesses are still choosing to prioritize the health and safety of others by wearing a mask. When it comes to face masks, comfort along with safety is important. These masks are 3-ply and made of cotton and contain a sewn-in, non woven, polypropylene filter later, adjustable nose strip, and adjustable ear loops. All of these features are made for maximum protection for you and others and a perfect fit. They come in an array of colors and can have your brand or organization’s name or logo screen printed on them. 

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Everyone loves socks. They’re a wardrobe staple and totally customizable. Socks can bring a pop of color or fun designs to any outfit. Over recent years it’s been more and more popular to pair a playful pair of socks with a suit, business casual, or even formal attire. Represent your brand or company with these full color tube socks. These socks feature a full color imprint of your organization’s name or logo on both sides of the sock. The designs can be different on each side with no additional cost to you. One size fits most, so everyone in your office or organization will have the ability to add these to their next outfit. The socks come in white but the designs you add to them can be whatever color you choose. 

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6.Micro-Fleece Zip-Up Jacket

Send your employees an apparel item that they can really cozy up to when the temperatures cool down. Jackets are a great culture and community swag item because they’re classy yet subtle. They don’t outright scream “This is my brand or the company I work for!”. Your logo is present but it’s not stealing the show. These jackets are great to wear when you want to have a team photo of your staff. These zip-up jackets come in a comfortable micro fleece design to provide a lightweight layer on cooler days. They’re made to stretch for ease of movement and are made out of 100% polyester, micro-mesh, brushed back fleece. It features two front pockets for storage. Each jacket comes in five different colors and can feature your company or organization’s name on the front. 

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7.Slip On Shoes

A newer way to showcase or advertise your brand, organization, school, or team is to use slip on shoes. Slip on shoes were primarily popularized by skaters but have since become a staple in the wardrobe of many people from different walks of life. These shoes are made out of a canvas material and can have any sort of design on them you’d like, including designs that feature your brand’s logo and name. They’re low-profile but can still be worn at the office. Along with the canvas material, they have side accents made out of elastic and come with rubber bottoms to grip the ground easier. They have unisex sizing ranging from a size 3-13. 

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8.Dad Hat

Our second to last apparel item we have to share is the mega popular dad hat. Dad hats are a best selling swag item and for good reason. They’re comfortable, trendy, and an easy way to showcase your message, brand logo, or designs. These hats come in a wide variety of colors to fit any company or organization. They’re six paneled, made with garment washed cotton twill, are unstructured, and have a low crown with a side closure for the back strap. Embroider your company name or logo on the front of the hat to show off your brand. 

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9.Loungewear Set

Our last culture and community swag item is one that your team members will love to cozy up with after work or at the gym. This set includes a unisex sweatshirt and sweatpants combo. They come in a variety of colors and sizes for everyone at your office or organization. They’re cozy, comfortable, and made with ultra soft material. Put your logo or company name right on the front using silkscreen or embroidery technology.



Ready to Get Started?

Building a successful community and culture around your brand, organization, or company takes time and effort. You can help speed this process along by incorporating products and events into your work life to help strengthen the connections between coworkers, bosses, and the surrounding community. By providing culture and community swag, you are cultivating those bonds to your employees that can last a lifetime. 

Need help deciding what kind of swag you want? YouInkIt has you covered with thousands of swag products for events and for everyday. Our catalogue has swag products to fit all of your needs. If you can’t seem to find something that suits your company’s needs, our swag experts will help to find and source exactly what you want. 

At YouInkIt, we pride ourselves on making swag simple. You pick the kind, color, and design of your desired products, upload your image design to our system, and we handle the shipping and storing of your items with our swag management platform. Its that easy! Chat with us today to start creating culture and community swag that your team will love. 

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