Customer Spotlight: GrowGlide

by Sep 29, 2020

GrowGlide, located in Riverside, California, was founded by growers, built for growers. GrowGlide is a vertical racking modular system, built with one goal in mind, making your life easier. 

Shana Siples, who has 15+ years of experience, saw the need to create a more efficient way of making growing more functional, easier, and cleaner that would double or triple profit. 

“A few years ago I decided to put some of my drawings into place. It has been a journey that consisted of a lot of phone calls, research, and mistakes but we are so happy we have been able to help so many other growers in their journey,” Shana said. 

GrowGlide now produces three tables suited to meet growers desires and needs. They provide single, double, and triple stack tables that are built to last.

The core features include modular table system, flush mounted drainage system, and low profile, efficient airflow. 

GrowGlide is growing as a business and meeting so many wonderful people along the way. 

Youinkit has been able to provide GrowGlide with custom face masks that bring GrowGlide’s logo to life. These custom face masks will not only be used by employees but also for promotional purposes. 

“Our company does a lot of trade shows and we are looking forward to using the face masks with our logo on them for all to see. We will be using them to promote our business. We know people will ask about the masks when they see them, they are GREAT quality and will attract business to our booths.” 

If you are interested in having your business story featured email amy@youinkit.com for more details!


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