Customer Spotlight: Saint Joseph School

by Oct 20, 2020

Saint Joseph School has been providing a solid Catholic education since 1883 in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Started by the Daughters of Charity from Emmitsburg, Md, the school helps grow academic, spiritual, social, and emotional skills in those ages 4 through eighth grade. 

Participation in county math, science, social studies competitions, and various writing contests is also part of the Crusader experience, engaging projects, hands-on learning, and meaningful field trips. 

There are opportunities to participate in sports, musical productions, choir, band, private piano lessons, school dances, movie nights, and so much more.   

The coronavirus pandemic led to the closure of the school in mid-March. They offered summer programming to our pre-K students and opened for in-person instruction in late August. As part of the COVID-19 safety precautions, students in grades three through eight wear masks when they are in the school’s common areas such as hallways, and they also wear them when they are working in small groups. 

To allow students to partake in school activities and classes, masks are essential for reopening. All schools required students to wear face masks, so why not offer a custom face mask with the school’s colors and logos?

“While the students and staff are adjusting to our “new normal,” it was so refreshing to offer them masks proudly bearing the school colors (navy blue and gold) and the school logo,” Meg Partington, Administrative assistant at Saint Joseph School, said. 

“Thanks to YouInkIt, the Saint Joseph School family has a fun and fashionable way to express our Crusader pride AND stay safe,” Meg said. 

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Saint Joseph School

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