9 Employee Appreciation Ideas To Recognize Employees

by Apr 15, 2021

employee appreciation gift

Everyday employees across the country go into their jobs, work hard, and commute home. Sometimes these people go above and beyond in what they do and that should be recognized. When it comes to rewarding those who give their best in everything they do in the workplace, it is necessary to give appreciation gifts that they want. Giving people thoughtful and meaningful gifts is just one way to help these members of your team feel acknowledged and comfortable staying in your company. 

Giving appreciation gifts increases the opportunity to create a positive work environment while also strengthening employee relations between workers and supervisors. When thinking of employee appreciation ideas, its crucial to not give the same products to long term employees that you are giving to new hires. Long term employees don’t want a swag box that welcomes them to the company because chances are, they’ve received all of those items already. Your employee appreciation ideas should be fresh, new, and exciting. 

Workers that have been around a long time will want gifts that show that you see the value they bring to the team and the company. While this could include giving them a gift card to their favorite location, this shouldn’t be the end all be all. Gift cards are a great addition, but should not be given alone, as they look like you didn’t put much thought into the gift. 

At YouInkIt, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tangible employee appreciation ideas that can be used to reward your hardest workers and your veteran employees. Keep in mind that any product you see on this list can be customized and tailored to your company and your employees. If you see something that interests you, contact a YouInkIt representative and they’ll help you get the customization, shipping, and storing process started! 

Tech Products

1. Wireless Speaker

One employee appreciation idea is to gift a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers are great for parties, at home, in office, or at events. This Bamboo Wireless Light Up Speaker features Bluetooth technology. The bottom half is white and lights up with different colors when in use. The top half is made of bamboo and can be engraved with anything you’d like, whether that be your company/brand name or the name of your distinguished employee. Simply pair the speaker to a smart device to enjoy high-quality stereo sound. This speaker can be used from distances up to 30 feet. It comes with a MicroUSB charging cable. 

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2. Bluetooth Headphones

One of the hottest tech gifts on the market right now are wireless earbuds. They’re great because they’re portable, have excellent sound quality, and can be used for hours at a time before needing to recharge. These JBL Tune Wireless Earbuds connect easily to your music and phone calls. Open the case and pair them with your smartphone. With no wires to get in the way, listen to music with ease. These premium earbuds are comfortable and have up to 25 hours of battery life. The case can be printed with your company name, logo, or design of it or with the name of the employee that you want to recognize. These headphones come in three chic colors. 

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3. Phone Sanitizer

With the amount of time we use our smartphones every day, our phones are guaranteed to have picked up harmful bacteria and germs. With everything going on in the world, like a global pandemic, it’s more important now than ever to keep our devices clean and sanitized. This HD UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case is the perfect gift to keep your phones clean while also showing that you care about your employee’s wellbeing. This device uses ultraviolet light to sanitize not only your phone but cash, jewelry, coins, and other small trinkets. The multifunctional design means it can be used with multiple items, surfaces, or devices. There are two high powered UV lights inside. The device comes with a charging cable and operation manual. Showcase your company name or the name of your employee on the top of the device if you so choose. 

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4. Smart Watch

Another tech savvy employee appreciation idea is this smart watch. Smart watches have been popularized by almost every major tech company as they can do so many things that the everyday manual watch cannot. This 3Plus Vibe+ Radia Smartwatch has activity and workout features like monitoring step counts and heart rates, a GPS function to help map the distance area of your workouts, it can receive and read text messages, receive social media notifications, calendar alerts, and show you when you’re receiving a call or have a missed call. Never miss a moment with this smartwatch. Personalize this watch with your employee’s name or your company name on the front of the watch. 

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Gift Sets

5. Zen Gift Box

Working full time means long weeks, stressful days, and busy schedules. A popular employee appreciation idea is to give them the gift of peace of mind. This gift box is filled with items to create a sense of zen for that hard worker in your life. Each box comes with a meditative pot with an air plant, a cedar scented candle made from plant based candle wax, and small green tipped matches in a cute glass bottle. The box is 100% recyclable. This box comes with multiple branding options as the plant, match bottle, and candle can be imprinted with your brand name or logo. Each box is wrapped with a ribbon color of your choice and a gift tag with the name of your employee on it. 

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6. Spa Day Gift Box

To ride the coattails of the last example, we have a spa day gift box. Spas days can be expensive, but this gift box lets your employee have a spa day in the comfort of their own home. It includes a pink and gold beverage mug thats decorated with an eyelashes design, a sea salt and jasmine scented soy candle, a container filled with coconut and lemongrass herbal tea that is designed to help nourish and soothe skin, and a small glass bottle of pink tipped matches. All of these items can help the hard working person in your life unwind and relax right in their own home. All of these items are packaged in a white box that comes with a customizable card and a ribbon color of your choice. The box can also be customized with your company or brand name and logo. 

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7. Snack packages

This employee appreciation idea should be used as a reward for someone who has worked really hard on day to day tasks, but should not be used for veteran employees. If you want to show someone how great of a job they did on a recent sales call or presentation, consider a small care package like this. This care package is full of healthy snacks ranging from sweet to savory. Each box comes with a variety of eight individually wrapped snacks. Products in the image below may be substituted of equal or greater value. The box can be shipped as is and can be customized to fit your employee or your brand. 

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8. Charcuterie Board

A gift that has been rising in popularity over the last year is a charcuterie board. They’re popular as gifts, at parties, and on picnics. These charcuterie boards come with an engraved bamboo cutting board that can feature your logo, company name, or a small message to the employee receiving the gift. Each set comes with dry cured salami, an assortment of cheeses, a box of crackers, and some gourmet mustard. These are great gifts for any time of year but especially around the holidays. Give the gift of great tasting food to the foodie employee in your life. 

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9. Bamboo Wine Set

Our last employee appreciation idea is the gift of a high-quality wine set. A nice glass of wine at the end of a long day can be exactly how your employees like to unwind and relax when they get home. This wine set is perfect for employees you want to recognize. This Bel Vino wine set comes with a multifunctional wine tool that acts as a corkscrew, foil cutter, and bottle opener, and a wine pourer with drop stopper. Both the tool and the pourer are made with bamboo and stainless steel and come inside of a sleek bamboo box with metal hinges and a magnetic closure. 

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Ready to Get Started?

At YouInkIt, we know the value of hard work and company loyalty. We’re here to help you turn your employee appreciation ideas into reality. With our expansive selection of gift sets and tech savvy items we’ve got you covered. Utilize our swag management platform to pick out your products, customize them to your liking, and leave the rest to us. Whether you’re ordering a few products or ordering in bulk, our representatives will handle all the logistics in shipping and storing your products. Chat with us today to get started on creating employee appreciation gifts that your team members will love. 

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