High-End Promotional Products that Your Clients Will Love

by Jan 26, 2021

Creating personal branded items for your top clients, most hard-working employees, or esteemed business partner? It may be time to give a custom high-end gift. High-end promotional products are a wonderful way to let important people know how much you appreciate them. Say goodbye to run of the mill branded pens or water bottles, and hello to a new standard in luxury gift. 

The key to providing the right high-end promotional product is getting to know your client or associate on a personal level. You want to provide them with something you’re positive that they would like. These products are perfect for associates who are reaching new heights with your company, or a client who continuously frequents your business. You want to be able to easily send the perfect gift at any time or provide rewards that your staff members will love.

When T-shirts and keychains no longer show the appreciation you feel, show your clients and associates that you truly care with these high-end gifts, while also promoting your brand with these ten high-end promotional products. 

Hard Side Cooler

A good cooler is an investment to make. High-quality coolers run for over 100 dollars and giving one as a gift would make an outdoors-loving client or associate feel very appreciated. These coolers come in a variety of colors and designs. These coolers match the performance levels of competing high-end coolers and come built with UV inhibitors and rubber latches that are marine grade. These coolers are designed to be portable and are able to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. The coolers can also be branded with your company name or logo on the front.

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Wireless Earbuds and Charger

Wireless headphones have been sweeping the market over the past few years. No need for your client or associates to get tangled up in traditional wired headphones, when they could have portable, sleek, Bluetooth headphones with your brand engraved on them. These Bluetooth headphones come in a sleek case and have features such as a built-in microphone and easy volume control. They can start or receive hands-free phone calls. Also included in a magnetic, wireless, phone charger, to keep your client’s phone charged all day long. Give your clients the gift of headphones.

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Drones have become the next best thing in terms of remote-controlled technology. This drone just so happens to be a power bank as well. This dual-action kit comes with a high tech portable power bank with a sleek design and USB connectivity. This bundle also includes a selfie drone that can be controlled remotely through an app on your smartphone or tablet. The drone takes photos and videos in real-time and can transmit footage in real time to your smartphone. This is not your typical high end promotional product!

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A Chocolate and Tumbler Gift Set

A perfect and easy way to show your appreciation for newer clients or employees who have been around for a few years is a tumbler gift set. This is not your average branded tumbler though! This stainless steel tumbler comes with a faux leather sleeve that can be engraved with your brand logo or company name. The tumbler is then placed inside a luxurious brown box alongside two Godiva chocolate bars and a few Godiva chocolate gems. The box is then tied up with ribbon and can be imprinted on as well. These boxes are perfect for work anniversaries and promotional events.

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A Vegan Leather Duffle Bag

This duffle is a great alternative to leather bags because it’s better for the environment by being vegan and is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for special clients and associates who are conscious about the products they buy. This duffle is durable and built to last. It has the capability to store larger items like big jackets and shoes. The bag is secured with a zipper and made with vegan leather and cotton canvas. These duffle bags can be branded with your company name or logo with laser-etching technology.

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A Desktop Clock

Celebrate your associate’s next big achievement in your business with an engraved Desktop clock. This Clock is crafted with rosewood, silver accents, and polished metal gears to make the clock tick. The face of the clock is see-through so the clock’s inner mechanics can be seen at both the front and the back of the clock. The silver accent on the front of the clock can be engraved to show the achievement of your associate. This high-end promotional item is perfect for employees who plan to retire or who have gotten a big promotion in the company.

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Disk Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is the perfect gift for your client or your associate’s office space. The PowerDisk+ is one of the fastest chargers on the market. The charging pad makes sure your devices charge quickly and provides the ability to charge up to two devices at a time. After putting a smartphone upon the charger’s nonslip base, the charging begins. The charger has the ability to be printed upon with your client or associate’s company name or logo.

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Magnetic Knife Holder

Give the important business people in your life a gift with your brand that they can take and use at home. This magnetic knife holder is used to store your knives on a beautiful display. The knife holder is made out of sturdy bamboo, which additionally is great for the environment, and contains a magnet inside to keep your knives in alignment. This knife holder can be displayed at high-end events such as balls, galas, and dinners. The holder has the ability to be engraved on the front with your company’s name or logo. Each holder is individually wrapped with a gift box and bow.

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Espresso and Coffee Maker

Sometimes there really is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee. Give your clients or associates a real taste of luxury with a smooth cup of espresso from the Nespresso coffee machine. This Nespresso coffee maker serves single-serve cups of coffee for the perfect cup every time. The machine is compatible with the large selection of large and small Nespresso pods. It comes with a large water tank to brew one cup after another. The Nespresso is certified to make coffee and espresso beverages that taste rich and full of flavor. Make your client’s dream of a perfect cup of coffee come true with this Nespresso.

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Personalized Sneakers

Do you have a client or associate who really enjoys golf? Instead of purchasing new branded golf balls or tees, consider investing in a new pair of golf shoes to gift to your clients or employees. That way the next time you go on a business golfing trip, your opponent is reminded how much their services or hard work mean to your company. These Puma Ignite 2.0 Golf Shoes are the perfect way to show your appreciation. These shoes are sleek and sophisticated, with premium comfort. They combine leather and mesh to provide a perfect fit. Includes three dimensional traction that moves the way you move.

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Packaging your Products

Packaging your gifts makes a huge difference in the way people receive them. Something that is poorly packaged will not gain the same response as a gift that has been carefully crafted and wrapped in a nice box or bag. If the gift is too big to be wrapped, consider presenting it in a grandiose way. Personalize your wrapping paper, boxes, balloons, or bows with the name of the person as well as your brand. You’re not just giving a gift, you’re giving an experience. At YouInkIt we take pride in the unboxing experience for our clients and that is why we have created our own swag boxes. If you would like to hear more click here to speak to one of our team members!


It’s important to be safe when distributing your client or associate gifts, especially because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of person to person interactions are not happening, which can make the personal experience of giving a gift, hard. Take the time and care to ship your gifts to the home or office of the person receiving the gift, and make sure they’re getting a personalized experience. Include packaging that is specific to them as well as a personalized card or note thanking the recipient for their hard work or for being a loyal customer. 

Whether you’re trying to show your employees the appreciation and recognition they deserve or gifting a loyal customer with a customized gift, remember to take every step in giving them an experience with your company that they won’t soon forget. Interested in getting started finding your perfect high-end promotional product or gift? Chat with us now to learn more about our services!

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