How to Create An Employee Onboarding Kit

by Dec 21, 2021

Providing new hires employee swag during onboarding is an optimal welcome to their career at your organization.

Beginning a new job is very exciting and can also be nerve-wracking at the same time. An employee is eager to meet colleagues, learn new job responsibilities, and become situated to excel.

Onboarding is a key step in the transition of a new hire to a full-time employee. A new hire will appreciate the gift of company swag as it will ease the nerves, confirm the right choice of employment and provide an opportunity to represent the new company. 

Company swag is available to meet your varied needs. At YouInkIt, we offer a wide range of products from your favorite new technology to a simple t-shirt with your company logo. Here are our top tips for creating an employee onboarding kit for your company!

1. Organize Your Budget and Design Ideas

The first step to consider when putting together your onboarding kit is how much you are able to spend on the items. Check out our other blog on how to maximize your employee swag budget for details. 

Once you have your budget, you can start to think about how you would like to customize your products. Think about what colors you would like to use or if you would like to include the brand logo or company catchphrase. Think about the key theme of your brand and how you would like to portray that message through swag.

2. Consider your items!

The budget is down. The design is set. What’s next? YouInkIt offers a wide variety of swag products for you to choose from. Have fun reviewing all of our options and making the selections for your company’s swag onboarding kit. 

Here are some great examples of products from a range of prices low-high that you can consider in creating the perfect kit. Each item is unique and will send the message to your new hires that they are valued.

Apparel Kit

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 2.43.43 PM 1

An onboarding kit with company swag apparel is a great way to welcome all new employees. This kit could include YouInkIt customizable items like a T-Shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, hat, or even a snazzy polo. Think about how delighted a new hire will be to come home after the first day with new clothes to show off! Employees will always remember how special their onboarding experience was with these apparel items. This swag onboarding kit sends the message that the company is excited about their new hires’ future!

Desk Kit

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 2.52.34 PM 1

A new job means new desk space. An onboarding kit with the desk and office essentials will immediately add some company pride for the new hires. Items to include in this onboarding kit can be pens, a sticky note pad, a notebook, a planner, and a mouse pad

Pick any arrangement of these items for your onboarding kit and your new employee will feel prepared to start their new job!

Drinkware Kit

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 2.56.59 PM

YouInkIt has an extensive collection of drinkware items to customize. From mugs that will keep your drink warm all day to water bottles in many different sizes and colors. It’s important to stay hydrated while working hard! 

Coffee and warm drinks are staples to making it through the workweek. A drinkware kit would send the message to a new hire that this company is very thoughtful!

Electronics Kit

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 3.03.34 PM

Technology and gadgets have become essentials in our lives. Starting your new hires with some new technology items will leave them feeling appreciated right from the start. You can include a wireless charger, wireless headphones, or a speaker

An on-the-go charger can be just the lifesaver someone needs. Our phones and laptops can die at the most inconvenient of times so it is great to be prepared! This kit sends the message that the company wants the best for its employees!

Smaller Items

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 3.19.00 PM

The greatest gifts come in the smallest boxes! An onboarding kit including some of our smaller items like stickers, patches, hair ties, or phone wallets will show your employee the value of company pride.

3. Think about how to best represent your company

In this next step, it is important to think about the message you want to send to your new employee and how to best represent your company. Does your company move at a fast pace with new tasks every day? Consider items for a drinkware kit to boost your employees’ motivation. No matter what onboarding kit you feel best represents your company, your new hire will feel valued, supported, and excited with the move to your company.

4. Shipping…, Delivery…, Arrived!

Once the items are picked, designed, and arranged it is time to plug in the final details! Be sure to account for shipping costs in your overall budget. Send in the order and sit back. Once that is all done, you can expect to receive your personally curated and awesome onboarding kit soon. This will have you feeling excited about your new hire or hires!

Final Thoughts

Onboarding kits can make a huge difference for new hires’ transition into the company. Swag can come in all sizes and price ranges too. YouInkIt has it all! We hope these tips helped with organizing your own onboarding kits. For more information, contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions and assist you in customizing your swag!

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