How to Make Money Selling Custom T-Shirts

by Nov 20, 2020

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If you have a cool idea, why not pursue it? With a little discipline and creativity, you can be the owner of your own online t-shirt shop, or start your own merch line. This is a fantastic, cheap  way to grow your brand.

Design: If you have a marketable design idea, that you think would look really cool on a shirt, or an idea for a themed t-shirt shop, you can begin building your business today.  Your design should be unique and not include any stock images. Luckily, if you need any help, the graphic designers at Youinkit can help you manifest your ideas in a really cool design.  

Additionally, try to include a message in your apparel design.  What niche idea are you trying to communicate that makes your design impactful, rather than just a graphic?

Platform: There are two ways you can pursue selling your t-shirts online.  

The first, is by purchasing your custom made shirts from Youinkit, and selling them for a profit on a platform like Etsy or a personal website. While these ideas will certainly work, it is more costly and time consuming to purchase an abundance of your stock to sell yourself.  

This brings us to an alternative idea, which is creating a web store through a company, like Youinkit.  You can set up a store with your design, and therefore never have to act as a middleman between your provider and your consumer while still reaping all the benefits. 

If you have a marketable design idea, that you think would look really cool on a shirt, or an idea for a themed t-shirt shop, you can begin building your business today.

Market: Once you create your shop, you need to spread the word.  The best way to do this is to identify your market, and use social media or recruit influencers to help you expand the reach of your brand. 

More than just shirts: You don’t just have to sell t-shirts, Youinkit has many other accessories you could include in your web store. This will allow your brand to grow and appeal to a wider range of audiences.  

Whether you want to sell a cool design you created, or want to market a brand you have already established by selling merch, Youinkit is a great place to start.

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