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by Apr 13, 2022

YouInkIt is excited to announce a new way to swag! And, it is awesome if we do say so ourselves.  It’s spring, and that means event season is about to begin.  Weddings, anniversaries, parties, and celebrations of all types are right around the corner.  It takes a lot to plan the perfect special event.  The excitement of possibility and choice is plentiful.  It can be a bit overwhelming. You want the space to be perfect, the menu to be divine, the guest list to be exact, and everything to fall right into place. Whether it is a family celebration, a corporate retreat, or a wedding, the event host must make the guests feel special and appreciated.  Give them something to remember beyond the festivities.  YouInkIt swag boxes are a simple way to make the memories last and increase your company’s goodwill to generate more referrals.

As the event space provider, you can offer a swag box to remind your clients why you are the best choice and improve client satisfaction.  Here are some great ways venues can stand apart from their competition with value-added swag and why doing so is essential to your business sustainability.

It is important to share everything the venue provides when offering a tour.  You are building a dream for your client, and to sell the luxury of your space, offering tangible items pertinent to your space will keep your venue in the forefront of prospective clients’ minds.  The options are limitless to brand with your logo to keep the client engaged with your venue. 

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Why should you invest in Event Swag?

Event swag is beneficial for attracting new clients and retaining them for future celebration needs.  Customized swag merchandise will take customer satisfaction to the next level. An easy way to incorporate swag into your current routine is as a closing gift to prospective clients after a tour of your facility.  What kind of branded swag will make the best impact? Think of useful tools that the client will find valuable, like a customized notebook and pen.  They can write down exactly what you offer, take notes on the setting and the atmosphere, and jot down the details. When they go home, they will have all of the vital information at their fingertips, all emblazoned with your venue information.  A notebook is particularly meaningful as the notes from the first visit can become the first entry in the start of a journal of memories about the celebration.  This small and simple extra step will make a difference and secure the decision to choose YOUR event space.  Another creative swag option for potential clients is a measuring tape to assess the space better to determine if it fits their needs.  At YouInkIt, we will work with your event planning team to help select the perfect event merchandise to make a lasting impression on your clients.

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Swag is just as critical after securing your client’s event.  Imagine that you enter the Venue to a basket full of practical branded necessities on the day of your event.  Wedding swag baskets could include scissors, bobby pins, fashion tape, a sewing kit, and more!  While these items are relatively inexpensive, they can save the day in the event of an unexpected “wardrobe malfunction” or other crisis.  Providing a “day of necessities” basket is yet another way to incorporate customized swag into your business practice and set your company apart from others.  You would convey a level of care that will truly elevate the experience of your venues from others. It proves your desire to ensure their special event goes as smoothly as possible and creates a positive, memorable experience.  

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These branded boxes work for all occasions! I wish I had a swag necessities basket at my high school graduation.  Right before the ceremony was about to begin, the strap of my dress broke! I was frantically trying to find someone who could help and do so quickly so as not to be late for my graduation ceremony. We checked first with the event space, and all they offered was tape!  Luckily, my friend’s mom had a safety pin.  If only the event space had offered any of the tools suggested in our “Day of Nesseccities” basket, I would have been saved and impressed by their hospitality; I would have been more likely to recommend the space and share my story of their outstanding hospitality, if only they had an event day swag box.  

Finally, the event is over.  The guests have left, the event space is cleared, and waits for the next celebration.  While the event may be over, your swag opportunity is not.  In a few weeks, send another swag box to further celebrate and thank your clients for choosing your event space. This box can include champagne, cutting boards, glasses, and other “thank you” or “celebratory” gifts. Saying thank-you with branded merchandise adds an exclamation point to their special event.  This makes a huge impact and will give your clients tangible items to remember their special celebration, and best of all, RECOMMEND your space to others!  Your clients will be so impressed by your care, thoughtfulness, and consideration they will tell everyone and generate more leads. 

Is there any further opportunity after the thank you?  Of course.  Mark the event’s one-year anniversary with a small token of appreciation like a customized postcard with a picture from the event. This is simple, but it really shows how much your event business cares about its clients.  Receiving a postcard from the event space with a picture from my special day would overwhelm me with joy and happiness.

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Taking any of these steps, or taking all, will make the difference between being ordinary to extraordinary! Adding swag to your event business will show potential customers and clients that their event is just as important to you as it is to them.  The swag investment has a proven return on investment and will generate more dividends through referrals, positive reviews, and satisfied customers!  

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