9 Marketing Swag Ideas for Your Next Event

by Feb 24, 2021

marketing swag ideas for your company

Creating a successful marketing campaign is essential when making your business successful. Being able to market your business in a way thats new and innovative is what makes companies rise to the next level and show the difference between them and their competitors. A marketing strategy is a group of techniques that help a business or organization achieve more opportunities and sales to have a long term advantage over their business competitors. 

Creating a successful marketing strategy involves different elements. First you have to pick a target market. What kind of customers are you trying to reach? Why pick a certain demographic? Next is to bring brand awareness. Doing this gains more public trust and brings in more clients. You also need to have something that sets you apart from the competition. What makes your company unique? After finding out what makes you unique, you must communicate with clients effectively. 

The last thing you need to do is put the plan into action through advertising activities, like giveaways, seminars, and strong social media presence. Every good marketing campaign needs marketing swag. Marketing swag is personal, new, and aligns with your business. Your swag needs to be a 50/50 combination of something that excites potential clients while also informing them about your products or services. 

Coming up with fun and unique marketing swag can be challenging. We’ve provided a comprehensive list of our favorite marketing swag for your next campaign. 

1. A Luxury Robe

Soft, plush, robes are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marketing swag, but something like this can make a lasting impression on potential clients and as a gift to employees. When your target market is trying to relax after a long day, and put on this robe, they’ll think of your brand, and it’ll make a statement that you care about their comfort even after office hours are over. This leisure luxury robe is plush, comfortable and perfect to lounge around the house in. It has a collar loop to use for hanging purposes and two front pockets. Customize the robe with two sleek colors and your company name or logo embroidered on the front. 

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2. A Portable Cutlery Set

As the times keep changing, we’re all trying to be a little more health conscious and environmentally friendly. Getting rid of single serve plastic ware is a great place to start. This portable cutlery set is perfect for those who are always on the go. It includes a stainless steel curve straw and a straight straw. It also comes with a fork, knife, and spoon, as a well as a brush to clean out the straws with. Each set can be used over and over and come in a small carrying pounce. The pouch can be screen printed with your company name or logo on it. 

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3. Cheese Board Set with Knives

Over the last year, charcuterie boards have become incredibly popular with young and old people alike. They’re a hit with all ages because there are so many different ways they can be served. One of the main staples of charcuterie boards is cheese. Serve your next charcuterie board on this chic cheese cutting board with knives. This cutting board is created with black marble and acacia wood. The board comes with a set of four cheese knives to help with serving. These knives are easily stored in a built in drawer under the cutting board. Customize each board by adding your company name or logo to it, so your brand will always be thought of when clients or employees are entertaining. 

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4. Mini S’mores Set

One of the most effective ways to market your brand, products, or services is by incorporating food. Starting with a small but creative treat is an easy way for potential clients and employees to remember your brand. Create a positive memory for them with this throwback, childhood dessert. This small s’mores kit comes with a set of graham crackers, a small bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate, and one marshmallow for a single, sweet serving. Each kit comes in a small plastic bag with a header that can be customized with a small message from your brand. For an extra special touch, ask us about how to customize your graham crackers to make the experience even more memorable. 

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5. Small Mint Container

Another popular way to market your brand and incorporate a sweet treat is to advertise with mints. Customizable mint containers have been around for years but are still considered to be very effective. These containers are small and sleek and can be stored in the car, a purse, or workout bag for easy breath touch ups on the go. Each container is available for a fully branded, full color, decal of your company name or logo. These containers come in an assortment of colors. These are easy and fun to give away at meetings, conferences, conventions, and in grab bags. 

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6. Movie Snack Pack 

Everyone enjoys a good movie, but not everyone enjoys spending money on movie tickets, theater snacks, and popcorn. Take the hassle out of buying snacks at the theater or going out to buy movie snacks for your home, with a movie reel theme tin full of the most popular movie theater snacks. This is a great form of marketing swag because of how unique it is. Each tin contains a pack of Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, Raisinets, and microwaveable popcorn. These could be showcased and handed out at your next big conference or used as a giveaway prize for potential customers. It could also be used as a gift for your employees at your next office party. Customize the tin by adding your company name or logo to the front of the tin. Clients and team members are sure to think of your brand during their next movie night. 

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7. Webcam Cover

It’s no secret that computer security is always at risk. One of the ways people can be put into danger is through their laptop or computer webcams. Help your clients and employees feel protected and safe while they browse through the internet with these promotional webcam covers. These covers were created to adhere to monitors, computers, and laptops. It is incredibly thin and made of high quality plastic. These covers are some of the thinnest on the market so it won’t cause any issues when you are trying to close your device. Keeping clients and employees safe is important for them but also for your brand. This cover is something they will look at everyday and be reminded that your brand is looking out for them. Each cover can be printed with you brand name and logo on the front and come in a variety of colors. 

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8. UV Phone Sanitizer and Charger

In our everyday world, germs and viruses are everywhere and cover just about everything. Everyday we wash our hands after using the restroom, before we eat, and after coughing or sneezing. We clean and sanitize the surfaces in our homes, but what about every day objects, like our phones? Cell phones are some of the dirtiest surfaces and can carry millions of harmful bacteria and viruses that can do harm like give you acne or make you very sick. Combat this issue while marketing your brand with this UV phone sanitizer that doubles as a wireless charger. This device has a sanitizing function that kills 99% of germs from your smartphone when used properly. Simply put your phone into the device and choose which mode you’d like to use. The device doubles as a wireless charger too. Simply put your phone on top of the device to wirelessly charge it. Your company name and logo can be screen printed to the top of the device. 

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9. Fanny Pack

It’s argued that fanny packs are making a comeback, but some say they never went out of style. Whatever your thoughts are on this popular fashion statement, its no secret that fanny packs are a great way to effectively market your brand. They’re smaller and easier to carry around than a larger tote back or backpack. They’re a fun and popular way to market your brand to those who love to travel or are constantly on-the-go. These fanny packs were designed with two zippers to safely carry valuables. They’re made with PVC backing a main compartment and hidden, rear pocket for smaller items, as well as an adjustable waist belt. They come in an assortment of fun colors, and can be screen printed with your company name and logo on the front. 

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Personalizing Your Swag

When gifting or giving away your marketing swag, consider taking the extra step by adding some freebies and a small note expressing your appreciation. The freebies could include local restaurant coupons, a small gift card, and informational cards or brochures about your company. Doing this step goes a long way in a potential customer’s eyes. 

Ready to Create Awesome Swag?

Whatever you decide to pick for your preferred marketing swag, let us help you bring your swag ideas to life. Finding unique and creative ways to market your brand is essential to keep building your brand awareness and clientele. Ready to get started creating your custom marketing swag? Contact us today! 

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