New Trends and New Budgets for 2022!

by Sep 8, 2022

Branded swag is key to successful on-boarding of new hires, supporting employees, and creating a positive work environment. A happy employee is a productive employee and a loyal one too. It is important to include swag as part of your annual business budget so you can acknowledge, reward, and retain your hardworking employees.

YouInkIt’s Trending Items for 2022

Scented Candles

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Fall-scented candles are an essential part of this upcoming season. Pumpkin, cinnamon, and autumn scents will fill every space with a warm and cozy feeling.  Scented candles are always trending but especially now as we approach fall. Light up your employees’ day!

Bluetooth Speaker

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Allow your employees to cut the cord with our Bluetooth speakers.  Fully customizable and a perfect addition to make listening to your favorite music, podcast or Zoom meeting easier.

Portable Blender

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Everybody is multi-tasking and on the go 24/7! With all that fast-paced lifestyle it is important to have items that will maximize your time and efficiency. This portable blender allows you to make your smoothies and protein shakes on the go or at the office.  Add your company logo and our portable blender becomes the perfect swag for your employees or as gifts for your most important customers.  Hurry, they are going fast!

Temporary Tattoos

Screen Shot 2022 09 08 at 2.31.15 PM

It’s just a phase! With temporary tattoos you can have a million different phases.  Take a look at our assortment of customized temporary tattoos. This is a great idea for Company events or team building.  Let your employees show their company pride!

Cotton hats and Beanies

Screen Shot 2022 09 08 at 2.31.25 PM

As we approach fall and temperatures drop, it is time to think about our cool weather gear. Why not consider one YouInkIt’s trending branded cotton hats or beanies to keep warm. Keep warm and promote your organization.  It is a win-win. Hurry, it’s getting cold fast!  Order your branded beanie for your employees and team today!

Wireless Charger

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A portable power bank is a valuable piece of swag for anyone who regularly carries a cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch. Not only that, but it is also an excellent way to promote your company. As far as functional swag goes, a wireless phone charger hits the top of the list.

Swag keeps your employees engaged!

Swag is a great way to congratulate employees on their hard work and show how appreciative the company is of their talent and dedication.  The holiday season is a great time to celebrate employees with swag. Whether it is over the holidays, at the time of hire or any time, YouInkIt’s high-quality and customized swag is the perfect way to celebrate your employees.  YouInkIt has a wide variety of fabulous swag gifts to offer that can make all the difference.

Swag welcomes are always welcome!

A key step when planning and creating your company swag budget is to account for new hires. Onboarding your new employees with a swag box creates the perfect welcome and lets them know your company values its people. So, when planning, think about how many people you may bring onboard throughout the year. YouInkIt can do the rest and prepare the perfect swag box that includes your choice of swag packaged securely in a company-branded box.

Your new team members will feel the welcome when they open their custom curated swag box!  As they enjoy the swag they will be showing off your company’s brand too. YouInkIt’s swag team will work with you to design a swag box that is affordable and fully customized to welcome your newest employees or to bring a smile to your current team too.

Don’t delay… Call us today!

Check out the YouInkIt website and talk to one of our assistants, who can helpfully customize a swag box to meet your unique preferences. We are always aiming to exceed your expectations. Remember too that YouInkIt provides bulk discounts so if you have an idea of how many new hires you can maximize the number of items you can buy! These swag boxes are sure to be a great and unexpected welcome to your new employees!

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