10 Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas Your Team Members Will Love

by Apr 30, 2021

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During the first Friday of March, businesses all over celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. This is a day for managers, supervisors, CEO’s, and other people in management positions to show their thanks and appreciation for the people that work for them. This is a great time to acknowledge a team’s hard work or recognize that special employee for always going above and beyond for the company. 

While March has already passed, staff appreciation can happen year round. YouInkIt has thousands of staff appreciation gift ideas for the hardest workers in your life. This is the time to come together and celebrate the people that make your business what it is. Businesses, companies, firms, or whatever you call your place of work would not be able to function without the effort of their staff members. Showing staff how much they mean to your company will help strengthen bonds, create lasting memories, and motivate others to work hard. 

When coming up with staff appreciation gift ideas, its important to think of gifts that your employees would be proud to show off on their desk, person, or in their homes. Gifting cheap or overused items does not show your employee that you value them. Thoughtful, exclusive, and quality gifts will help solidify in their minds how much they mean to you and the company. 

Here are 10 Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas to Consider 

1. Whiskey Lovers Gift Box

If you’ve ever gone to an office happy hour or grabbed drinks with your coworkers or employees after a long day of work, chances are that you’ve met a whiskey enthusiast at your office. This thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to their face. Inside this wooden crate, your employee will find two old fashioned style glasses, six granite whiskey stones in a velvet pouch, and two wrapped slate coasters. The crate is sealed, wrapped, and tied with a bow before being opened. For extra personalization, laser engrave their name and title to the box.

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2. French Press Gift Set

Coffee is a staple in every work place. A break room is not complete without a coffee maker and some spare mugs. Chances are your workplace is filled with coffee lovers. This staff appreciation gift idea is sure to strike gold among your employees. The Bodum Royale Gift Set comes with a Bodum Chambord French Press coffee maker, tow 8 oz. drinking glasses, and a 12 oz. bag of premium Boyd’s Original Roast ground coffee. The French press and the glasses are both shatterproof and made out of recycled materials giving the user a clean and eco-friendly cup of coffee. Tailor this gift to the person you’re gifting it to or your company by adding their name, position, or your company name to the French press and the glasses. 

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3. Cheeseboard Gift Set

Charcuterie boards have been the biggest food trend over the past year and they’re not going anywhere. If you’ve thrown a party either at home or at the office, chances are there has been a charcuterie board for you to enjoy. This cheeseboard gift set comes with a deluxe assortment of high-quality meats and cheeses along with other savory goodies. This kit comes with a beautifully crafted wooden cutting board, beef sausage, select cheeses, crackers, smoked nuts, gourmet mustard, a package of cookies, and a knife to slice your cheese. Personalize the tag of the package with a note to the employee of your choice expressing your appreciation for their hard work. 

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4. Mud Mask and Facial Roller Set

Give the gift of relaxation with this staff appreciation gift idea. Your employees work long hours every single day for you, and this is a great way to give back to the employee who needs a spa day for themselves. This Face Time Gift Box offers your staff member a mud mask in an 8 oz. jar and a jade roller to massage in their favorite facial products. The mud mask includes green tea, a vital antioxidant to help detoxify the skin. The mask also helps to moisturize and draw out toxins, impurities, and debris. With proper use, the jade roller helps to depuff and promote more circulation. These items come in a gift box with a magnetic closure. Personalize this gift with a tag or card that can be included in the box. 

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5. Rise and Shine Breakfast Kit

The mornings are either the best time or the worst time for your staff members. Mornings don’t have to be so stressful. This gift helps your employees enjoy their mornings a little bit more. The Rise and Shine Gift set includes Pancake mix from Hayden Flour Mills, maple syrup from Bono’s Mountain Sugar, honey and sea salt flavored peanut butter from Big Spoon Roasters, organic granola from Banner Road Baking Company, “Cup of Sunshine” tea from Big Heart Tea Co., and raw acacia honey straws from the Savannah Bee Company. Whip up a delicious breakfast with these yummy items with a marble printed silicone spatula and floral printed oven mitt. All of these goodies come in a large gift box with a personalized card. 

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6. Spa Day Basket

As previously mentioned earlier, a great staff appreciation gift idea is something to help the people in your life relax and unwind. This spa basket is the perfect gift to help them do just that. Each basket comes with a lavender scented bath bomb with real lavender flowers, a lavender scented shower steamer, a natural loofah, and an air place inside of a sea urchin. Personalize this gift with a 3×3 card with your logo and a message for the employee receiving this relaxing gift. 

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7. Deluxe BBQ Set

The grill master in your life will always think of you when they use this gift. This set is a must have for any employee in your life that likes to grill. This 24 piece deluxe barbecue set comes in a stainless steel case and includes a spatula with a serrated blade, bottle opener, grill fork, sauce brush, tongs, cutting knife, grill cleaner, six steak knives, six forks, 4 barbecue skewers, and two seasoning shakers. Personalize this kit to your employee with their name digitally laminated on the center of the carrying case. 

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8. Key Tag Trackers

One thoughtful staff appreciation gift idea is a set of key tag trackers. This is the perfect gift for the person in your life who is constantly misplacing their keys or other small, important items. This set includes a leatherette key tag and tracking device. The device uses Bluetooth technology and pairs to your phone or tablet. Once your device and the tracker are paired, attach the tracker to the item you don’t want to lose. When you can’t find that item, use the app to tap a button once to find your item. Tap the button twice to trigger an alarm on the tracker to help you find your lost item. Personalize the key chain with your employee’s name and title or the name of your company. 

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9. AirPods

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably wondering why we haven’t put many tech savvy gifts on this list. Fear not, as the next staff appreciation gift idea is perfect for your employees who are obsessed with the latest technology. Give the gift of premium sound quality with the second generation of Apple AirPods. These wireless earbuds feature in-ward and out-ward speakers to maximize noise cancellation and amplify the sound quality of the music, podcast, or conversation coming through your AirPods. Each case charges the airpods and can be plugged in using a regular apple charging cord. Customize the case towards your brand or the lucky staff member in your life. 

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10. Achievement Award

Designed for the employees who have really stood out amongst the rest and shown dedication, loyalty, and their best efforts for your company. This distinguished award showcases the finest of employees. This award is created out of visually stunning crystal and showcases a beautiful angled shape with dichroic coating, making this desk piece outshine any object. These trophies are a symbol of accomplishment and achievement that will be admired by your employee and their coworkers for years to come. This award can be customized with your employee’s name, title, what they are receiving this award for, your corporate logo, company name, and a short message. Each award comes in a gift box. 

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Showing Staff Appreciation

Taking advantage of acknowledging the hard work your staff members put into your company can help boost employee engagement and enjoyment when it comes to their jobs. Showing staff appreciation has multiple benefits in the long run for your company, such as a lower turnover rate, less stress, higher levels of productivity, and boosting the satisfaction of your workers. Giving tangible items goes one step further than saying words of praise. Actions tend to speak louder than words. 

YouInkIt has thousands of product options that you can use to turn your staff appreciation gift ideas into reality. With our swag management platform, you can pick out and customize your items and our swag experts will handle the shipping and storing of your items. Chat with us today to get started making your staff member’s day. 

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