9 Swag Ideas for College Events

by Mar 24, 2021

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The spring semester has come and is almost gone, but that means the start of the summer and fall semesters are so close to beginning. School is never really out of session! Preparing for a new semester can be daunting, especially when trying to pick out new college swag for incoming and returning students. Community colleges and four year universities alike have been slowly making their ways to opening their doors for in person classes for students, some of which have already started doing so. 

In Texas, Universities have begun to make plans to open their doors fully, starting next semester. This is a big step for colleges as most participated in fully online or hybrid style classes for the past two or three semesters. Whether colleges are doing classes in person or online, it’s important to have the most up to date swag that your students will like and appreciate. 

Before you figure out which college swag ideas you’re going to try to put into motion, it’s important to decide where you’re going to be distributing these items. Are you giving them all away at orientation, sporting events, or small event fairs. You want to make sure your swag is hitting the mark no matter where you’re presenting, so you don’t waste time and investments on swag that’s going to pile up and sit in a supply closet. 

We have put together a list of a couple college swag ideas for each of these categories to get the ball rolling. 

Orientation Swag 

College orientation is a new and exciting time to get to know campus culture and new people. Orientation is a great way to instill school spirit into new freshmen and give students a way to connect with their peers. Having a strong college image can help foster connections and a sense of belonging with newcomers. 

1. Water Bottle

In a survey done of 100 college students, Delta Marketing provided results proving that water bottles are the most highly requested swag item in orientations. People love water bottles as there are some designs that make them ideal for putting in backpacks or bringing to an outdoor sporting event. The Tijuana 23 oz Stainless Steel water bottle is a great college swag idea. This insulated bottle features a stainless steel design, a twist on cap, and a silicone attachment to make it easier to carry. The best part about this bottle, is that it keeps beverages hot or cold for up to eight hours, perfect for carrying around cold water on a hot day. These water bottles come in two colors and can feature your school’s name and logo screen printed on the side. 

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2. Lanyards

Another great college swag idea for orientations is a lanyard. These can be used to carry around dorm keys, student identification cards, and small wallets and keychains. Consider adding these Polyester lanyards to your list of potential orientation swag. These lanyards are made of high quality polyester and come with a selection of four different attachments. They can also feature a breakaway or quick release buckle if you so choose. These lanyards come in a wide variety of colors and can be screen printed with your college’s name on them. 

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3. Drawstring Backpack

With all the swag students will be getting during orientation and throughout the first week of classes, they’re going to need a bag to carry around their goodies. This is one of the more popular college swag ideas. These Non-woven drawstring backpacks can be reused and recycled and are made of eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene material and 10% post consumer recycled materials. Each bag has a spacious interior with drawstring cinch closure and adjustable nylon shoulder straps. Every bag can hold up to 11 pounds. These bags come in a variety of colors and can include your school name or logo on the front of the bag. 

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Sporting Events

If your college participates in sporting events that are regulated or intramural, this is the perfect time to give out college swag. Whether your college fans go to the extremes or its their first time coming out to a game, having swag that everyone can enjoy and partake in is a must. 

4. Pennants 

Nothing says school spirit like a pennant hanging up in your college dorm or apartment representing your college sports teams. Pennants are school spirit items that have been around for years and never seem to go out of style. These colored felt pennant’s come in a wide variety of colors and can feature your school’s mascot, logo, and name screen printed on the front. 

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5. Foam Beverage Holder

There’s nothing like enjoying a cold beverage while watching a sporting event. Avoid getting condensation from your can everywhere and keep your drink cool with these Foam Can Coolers

Perfect for any 12 ounce cans, these can coolers are a low-cost alternative to neoprene can coolers. These beverage holders keep the can cold and the beverage colder. Each cooler comes in a wide variety of colors and can feature your university name and logo on the front or back. 

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6. Socks

Socks are an undeniable favorite when it comes to college swag. They’re among the most popular apparel items, so it’s no surprise that students would wear them to show their school spirit. These Athletic Crew socks are a perfect way to showcase your college pride. These socks are mid-length and come in medium, large, and X-large sizes, since a one size fits all approach doesn’t always fit all. These crew socks feature arch support, moisture deterring fabric, and are named for breathable and comfortable material. They come in a large selection of colors and feature both front and back capabilities to showcase your school name or logo. 

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College Fairs

College fairs aren’t just for current high school students looking for prospective colleges, fairs are also for organizations and sectors of campuses looking for a way to showcase who they are and what they do. College fairs can be in the form of career fairs, organization fairs, or sectors of the campus like student activities or the health center looking for ways to advertise their facilities to students. 

7. T-shirt

Branded t-shirts are an optimal way to showcase your organization and school spirit. Giveaway or swag t-shirts should be comfortable and versatile. They can go for a minimalist theme or shirts that are artistically crowded with information. These Fruit of the Loom cotton t-shirts are the best shirts to showcase your organization. They’re made for premium comfort, with 100% cotton and come in a large selection of colors and high density fabric for incredible clarity for printed designs. Every design is printed on using a silk screen and can feature as much or as little text as you’d like. 

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8. Scrunchies

Scrunchies have proven that no clothing items really go out of style. Nostalgic trends are growing rapidly among college aged students and scrunchies have made a major comeback among the college female demographic. Advertise your organization or your school with this fun apparel item. These fun hair accessories come in an assortment of colors and can be imprinted with your school name or school organization on them. They’re made or ripstop nylon and elastics to keep ponytails in place. 

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9. Popsocket Phone Grips

Popsockets are some of the best selling technology accessories on the market. College students are attached to their smartphones and can’t go long periods of time without them. Putting your college brand on their smartphones is a functional marketing tool while also being a stylish accessory. These popsockets stick to the back of phone, tablet, or case. Once attached the popsockets become a compact stand for your device or a grip to hold. The design possibilities are endless, and each grip can be used on virtually any smartphone. Your school name or logo can be featured on the top side of the popsocket via screen print technology. 

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Ready To Pick Out The College Swag for Your School?

These are just a few of an expansive selection of swag items that can be used for your college or university events. Before diving into our extensive catalogue of items, make a list of all of your college swag ideas and then choose the ones that align best with your organization, event, and school. Wherever you decide to give away your swag items, you’ll be boosting your school and organization awareness that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

YouInkIt makes it simple to create college swag that is custom to your university, down to its colors, logo, and messages. Utilize our online portal to create your swag items and send them wherever they need to go. Whether you need to create individual items or put together swag boxes for individual students, YouInkIt makes it easy to upload your designs, pick your colors, and leave the rest to our dedicated swag team. We take care of all the logistics when it comes to shipping and storing your swag items. College swag is a great recruitment tool and we can’t wait to help you get started on turning your college swag ideas into reality! 

Contact us today to get started! 

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