9 Swag Ideas to Send to Remote Workers

by Feb 9, 2021

As 2021 is in full swing, more and more companies are becoming flexible with how their employees are able to work. Remote work options, a mix of both at home and in the office, and working back at the office full time are just a few of the ways companies are allowing employees to work. With different work environments in play, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your staff. 

Are you looking for a creative and fun way to connect with your employees, clients, and customers? Corporate swag can be lame or a waste of time and money if you pick items that are cheaply made, have been done a thousand times, or items that you know your employees wouldn’t like. When choosing the best swag, picking creative and exciting gifts that your employees will want to hold on to for a long time is key. 

Stressed about corporate swag? We’ve created a guide to help you decide the best corporate swag gifts to connect you with your employees, clients, and potential customers. 

Customized Care Packages for Remote Employees

More and more companies have expanded their work environments from the office to home offices and kitchen tables all across the country. Some employees work part time from home, while others dedicate all 40+ hours per week working remotely. While this is a benefit for some, by creating some flexibility and freedom to work wherever, worker morale can fluctuate as employees may feel distant and disconnected from their teams. 

Custom swag boxes sent out to remote employees are an important step to keeping those connections viable and strong. People love opening presents and receiving gifts, and corporate swag boxes are just that. By customizing your boxes to be tailored to each individual, you’re keeping those connections strong and making sure your employees know that they are appreciated. 


YouInkIt is the perfect way to send branded corporate swag with ease. They have a wide variety of different swag options, like masks, water bottles, and custom clothing. First you meet with our team to talk about what kind of swag you want for your boxes, then upload your artwork (logo, brand name, etc) to our site, you approve the proofs, and then your swag is packaged and shipped directly to your employees or offices. 

YouInkIt makes creating and customizing corporate swag easy. Order, send, and track your items all from one location. 

Tech Accessories

Mouse Pad Charger

When working at home or at the office, whatever you’re using for a desk can become cluttered very easily. Desk papers, phone and computer cords, and office supplies find their way everywhere and it becomes a stressor when things aren’t where they should be. Clear up some space and get rid of some of the clutter with a wireless mouse pad portable charger. This 2 in 1 device functions as a smooth mouse pad while also having wireless charging capability for your smartphone. It charges with a micro-USB and can come with your company name or logo screen printed on the front. 

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Pop socket

Pop sockets have become the next big thing in smartphone accessories. Pop sockets are the trendiest and most helpful phone holding accessory. They’re comfortable to hold, can prop up on your desk or any flat surface, and can be used on almost any smartphone. These phone grips are a perfect gift for your employees and an easy way to market your brand. They come in eight bold colors can come with your company’s name or logo laser engraved to the top. 

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Are you or your staff members constantly in a state of disarray because you’ve misplaced your valuables? Consider gifting the Tile Mate to yourself and your colleagues. Tile Mate is an affordable tracking device for everyday items, such as your smartphone, keys, or bag. The device easily attaches to your keys or purse and connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. When you’ve lost your smartphone, click the Tile to make your phone ring. If you’ve lost your keys or bag that holds your Tile, you can use your phone to make the Tile ring. Customize your Tile with your company logo on the front or the back. 

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Fitness Gear and Accessories

Workout Armband

Exercise has been proven to be a great way to relieve stress and enhance productivity and sleep. The last thing you want to worry about when working out is where you’re going to keep your valuables. Pants pockets can be bulky and a lot of workout pants don’t have a great place to store important things like your phone or ID. This workout armband is a perfect gift for workout enthusiasts. The armband is made of nylon and spandex. It’s quick drying, lightweight, and flexible. It stays on during the hardest of workouts and comes with a hidden phone bag to store your phone, keys, or cards with no irritation or sliding off. Customizing the armband is easy, as company names or logos can be screen printed on the front. 

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Yoga mat

Staying relaxed and mindful is more important now than it has ever been before. With at home and on the job stresses becoming more and more prevalent, burnout has become a growing issue among employers and employees. Combat burnout and stress by providing your employees a branded yoga mat to encourage mindful exercise and activity. This corporate swag gift is sure to be a game changer for staff members. This yoga mat can be fully customized with your brand name and logo. It’s made with eco-friendly EVA materials and is portable and foldable.

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Water bottle

Some of the most popular and sought after corporate swag items are water bottles. Keeping a water bottle around at the office is important for daily hydration. Having dehydrated employees on the job would not be good for productivity. These eco-friendly, reusable water bottles are transparent and come in a variety of colors and have a flip straw lid. They’re recyclable and can be printed with your company name and logo on the center. 

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Fitness trackers have become increasingly popular over the years. They help workout enthusiasts and the average person count their steps, keep track of their sleep, and record their workouts. The Fitbit Inspire helps users keep track of all of these milestones with no effort. The sleep tracker analyzes the user’s sleep patterns to help create healthy sleep habits. These trackers are water resistant and can be used to track swimming activities as well. They come with different band sizes and a charging cable. Customize your employee’s Fitbits with your company name or logo printed on the tracker band. 

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Custom Blankets

Sherpa Blankets

As we go through the middle of winter, what better way to cozy up after a hard work day than with a customized sherpa blanket. Sherpa blankets have become very popular recently as they’re made with ultra soft faux fur and lambswool sherpa. This sherpa blanket comes with a double layer of velour polyester faux fur and a thick layer of lambswool sherpa. They’re machine washable and able to go into the dryer too. They come in a variety of stylish colors, and can be customized with your company’s name or logo embroidered on the left hand corner of the blanket. 

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Sweatshirt Blanket

A good sweatshirt is a staple in the working person’s wardrobe. They’re usually made with soft material and are comfortable to wear in the comfort of your own office or home. Cozy up with the same soft material with a customized sweatshirt blanket. This blanket is printed with a full size image of your company name or logo. It’s material is durable while still being soft and cozy. It’s travel friendly and can easily be folded up or rolled up tight. Cozy up with this blanket, at home, on the road, or at the next company picnic. Your company name or logo can be screen printed on the front, or embroidered on the back. 

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No matter what swag options you’re looking for for your business, YouInkIt can help. Explore our swag pack options plus our individual swag item options. Our corporate swag packs keep employees feeling supported and worker morale high, whether your team is working from home or at the office. 

Our platform is simple and easy to use when creating the perfect corporate swag. We have virtually endless options when it comes to swag so you receive products that are fresh, exciting, and like no other. If you come across an issue finding an item that you like when browsing our products, be sure to contact your account representative so we can source that product for you! 

YouInkIt handles the ins and outs of shipping and storing your products. You pick your swag, upload your images, and we handle the rest. 

Sending swag is an easy way to connect with employees both in the office and remotely. At YouInkIt, we are happy to help you create and customize all sorts of promotional products. Ready to get started? Chat with us today! 

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