9 Team Bonding Swag Ideas to Improve Employee Relationships

by Apr 12, 2021

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If you’re familiar with our blog, you know we are no strangers to talking about the best swag you can get for your office, campaigns, schools, colleges, and teams. You’re also aware that not all swag is created equal. While finding products to fit your events or campaigns can be challenging, finding products to help strengthen bonds between your work staff can be even harder. Generic, run-of-the-mill gifts will only wind up in a donation pile or worse – the trash. 

Giving swag that your team members actually want is crucial. No one wants something that’s low quality and cheaply made and no company wants to waste money on gifts that will go to waste. Creative and thoughtful swag will help improve work relations and strengthen the bonds between employees of all ranks. Engaging with your employees effectively will raise the standard of your business and encourage a morale boost. 

We’ve considered a couple different categories of team bonding swag ideas for your next gift giving session. Self care, office accessories, and after hours essentials. Team bonding doesn’t necessarily have to be in office. Bonding with your staff over topics other than work can create a sense of unity while still being professional. 

Self Care

Now more than ever it is imperative that workers are taking care of themselves both physically and mentally. Living through a global pandemic on top of stresses on the job and at home is mentally taxing and your employees deserve time to unwind and relax. Team bonding swag ideas that revolve around self care could include a warm beverage set, spa day items, or a plush robe. Whatever you decide to include, showing your employees that you care about their mental and physical health will help build strong bonds. 

1. Coffee Gift Set

There’s nothing better than warming up with a cup of coffee on a stressful day. Take a minute to indulge yourself and those around you with this Latte Java Gift Set. This 18oz ceramic mug comes with a Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate packet, three flavored sweetener packets, a stirrer made with mini marshmallows, and two single serve instant coffee packets. All of these goodies are placed inside the mug and wrapped up in a gift bag and bow. The mugs come in both black and white and are customizable to your business if you so choose. 

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2. Spa day Set

After a long day of work, not many things sound better than taking yourself to the spa for some pampering and relaxation. Spa days can be costly, so bringing the spa to your staff is a great team bonding swag idea. Customize the product box to your business if you desire. Each spa set comes with an aromatherapy candle, essential oil infused bath salts, two essential oil dropper bottles, and an essential oil infused bar of soap. You have the option of choosing between six different scent and color choices, including exhale(blue), invigorate (orange), Tranquility(purple), Lemon(yellow), peppermint(light blue), and lavender(purple). 

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3. Luxury Robe

You’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee, treated yourself to a home spa session, now enhance the rest of your self care day with a luxurious robe. Your employees will love to cozy up in this robe after a day of taking care of themselves. Each robe is made of 100% polyester and is made with a full length shawl collar, two front pockets, and a soft, matching belt to tie it all together. You have the opportunity to embroider your business name or even your employees name to complete this team bonding swag idea. 

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Office Accessories

When an employee moves into an office space, whether that be in a room, cubicle, or other space, it is important to them to be able to decorate that area so it’s not so bland. Including colorful, neutral, or black and white decor to a space can make it more comfortable and home-like to work in. Decorating your space can create a fun, relaxing, and happier environment. We’ve included a couple decor-themed team bonding swag ideas that can be used to enhance your relationships. 

4. Leatherette Charging Pad

Chances are when your employees are hard at work in their offices they’re not paying attention to the life of their phone battery. Depending on how old their phones are, cell phone battery lives can run out fairly quickly. Make sure everyone in the office is at 100% with these Leatherette charging pads. Each charging station showcases both a caddy for keys and other trinkets and a built-in wireless charging mat for electronic devices. The charging pad has a sleek design and looks professional and chic in any office space. It features the ability to be laser engraved with your company’s name at the top. Charging pads come in either black or brown. 

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5. Desk Plant

Your employees work hard every single day and deserve to be given swag that is enjoyable. Decorating their space with a plant is a sweet and personal gesture that won’t go unnoticed. However, if you decide to gift a plant, make sure that it is low maintenance, like an air plant or succulent. These air plants are the perfect addition to any office space. Air plants require very little care and have the ability to brighten up any space. They also are not seasonal, so you don’t have to worry about it dying when the seasons change. Customize its planter with your company name imprinted on the front, sides, or back. 

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6. Business Card Holder

A sleek and professional addition to any office space is a business card holder. Having a business card holder out on your employee’s desk is one step closer to fostering strong client connections. When you’re talking to a potential or current client, having your business card readily available for them will give them easy access to your information whenever they need to get in touch again. This leather card stander comes with a metal plate that can showcase your name and position title. It holds business cards while also doubling up as a tablet or phone stand. A Laser engraves your information on the metal plate. 

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After Hours Essentials

Before the pandemic began, a common occurrence in the lives of many workers was to go out for a drink at a local bar or pub after getting off work. This gave many people a way to destress and decompress by enjoying their favorite alcoholic beverage after a long day. Nowadays, many bars and pubs are still closed or at a limited capacity. While many people still may not be comfortable going to these establishments, doesn’t mean they can’t partake in this after hours activity. 

One team bonding swag ideas is to provide happy hour essentials to your team. Whether you decide to throw a virtual happy hour or want to give them these items on their own, including high quality products is a must. 

7. Drink Coaster

When creating your favorite drinks at home, it is nice to be able to set that drink down on a customized coaster. No at home bar is complete without them. These chic coasters are made of half bamboo and half marble and can be used at the office for non alcoholic drinks or at home. Coasters are great at home or in office addition because they protect your hard surfaces, like a desk or table, from getting warped and ruined by beverage condensation. Personalize your coasters with your company name laser engraved onto the bamboo portion of the coaster. 

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8. Deluxe Cocktail Kit

A few months ago we created a blog on how to create the perfect  virtual office happy hour. A product we suggested on that blog to include was a cocktail kit that could be given as a party favor. This deluxe cocktail kit includes that same kit along with a few other goodies. Each deluxe kit comes with a savory snack mix, tools to create your cocktail, and the original cocktail kit. These kits come in multiple flavors including Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, and Gin and Tonics all in a reusable bag. Personalize this kit to your brand with your company name embroidered on the bag or screen printed on the kit. 

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9. Pint Glasses

If your employees are not into cocktails and liquor, consider gifting pint glasses instead. Beer is one of the most enjoyed alcoholic beverages and many people prefer it poured into a glass. These 16 oz pint glasses are some of the most popular on the market and can be customized to your company or brand with full color printing on the side of each glass, as well as the bottom sham. 

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Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve thought about team bonding swag ideas and you’re ready to find products for them, look no further than YouInkIt’s Promotional Items. Our catalogue has thousands of product choices that can suit any and all of your needs. If for some reason you can’t find a product that suits your needs, contact one of our swag experts and they’ll source your desired product for you! 

Once you’ve picked your products, you’ll receive a quote from our team. Then you can choose the color, number, and location of the products. Upload your logo or image design to our system for our graphics team, and then approve your art! Once your items are produced, our swag management platform will handle all of the logistics for shipping and storing your items. YouInkIt makes it simple to design, create, ship, and store your swag. Chat with us now to get started! 

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