The Best Swag For Spring

by Mar 9, 2022

Spring lets us put the long winter months behind us and signifies renewal and fresh starts. Why not grab some spring swag items to help your employees shake off wintertime and renew the way they feel at work?

After the buzz of the holidays comes the long wait for spring and summer activities. The lull between the holidays and the promise of spring can be depressing for some people. Cheer up your crew with employee appreciation gifts. 

Giving employees company swag can boost morale. People who feel better at work are more productive and happy. If you regularly give gifts, surprise your workers with new items they don’t expect and get even better reactions!

A fun way to welcome new employees is to give them swag items or gifts appropriate to the season or occasion. New hires will feel welcomed and appreciated when they open a company gift with fun spring items they can use and enjoy from YouInkIt. 

Happy employees are productive employees, so make them smile with company swag. At YouInkIt, we create affordable and attractive swag you can customize and be proud to give to your employees. I know you’ll find something perfect for spring from the list below.

  1. Grocery Tote Bag 
  2. Stress Reliever Ball
  3. Koozie Collapsible Can Cooler
  4. Wireless Phone Charger Disk
  5. Coffee Tumbler
  6. Bento Box
  7. Umbrella
  8. Bamboo Coaster
  9. Light Ring
  10. Wireless Power Charger Bank
  11. Zip-Up Jacket

Grocery Tote Bag

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 7.46.32 PM

Everyone needs extra bags. Our non-woven grocery tote bag is a great employee gift for spring or anytime. A tote bag is always a useful addition to a swag box or new hire onboarding kit.

Non-woven and sturdy polypropylene keeps this 13″ x 12″ bag tough and ready to carry your groceries, books, or anything you need to haul. The reinforced handle can stand up to a lot, and the bottom has an 8″ gusset to expand for bulky items instead of a simple seam. 

A cardboard insert keeps the bottom rigid and makes the tote more useful. Choose from 13 colors and screen printing on one side or both. 

Stress Reliever Ball

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 7.48.35 PM

What better gift could you give to help employees de-stress in the springtime than a branded Squeezies Stress Reliever Ball? I know using one helps when I’m having a tough day. 

Giving stress balls as company swag lets your employees know that you’re all in it together and understand that life and work can cause stress. You’re here to help them out.

These 2.75″ diameter stress balls offer the right amount of squishiness and come in over 20 colors. This swag gift can be an inside joke gift for employees and new hires that says working here is stressful, and now you’re prepared!


Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 7.50.03 PM

A Koozie Collapsible Can Cooler comes in handy for spending time outdoors in the spring to enjoy the weather. These coolers flatten to easily slip into a bag, backpack, or pocket and come in handy on cookouts, picnics, and camping trips. 

Koozies, like stress balls, make fantastic and inexpensive promotional items, but employees love to get company-branded can coolers, too. These Koozies come in 13 colors with your choice of printing on one side or two. 

The inside is the classic gray foam we’re all used to from years of using Koozies. I think this company swag is nostalgic. I’ve owned several over the years, but I’m still excited to get a new one from a company I like.

Wireless Phone Charger Disk

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 7.53.42 PM

The worst thing about having so many handy devices is keeping them charged. I can lose a USB cord in record time, so I love this Power Disc 5W Wireless Charger

If I need to charge my phone and can’t find my cord, I don’t have to worry about my battery going dead as long as I don’t lose this device’s charging cable. The disk detects foreign objects placed on it so it won’t get damaged trying to charge something not meant to be there. 

This charger with your company logo on top is one of the handiest spring swag items you can give your employees. It’s also a fantastic promotional item because people will think of your company every time they charge their phone.

Coffee Tumbler

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 7.55.22 PM

This RTIC Tumbler works for coffee, tea, and any drink you want to keep nearby, whether at a desk or on the go. Stainless steel is double-wall vacuum insulated to keep cold drinks cold and keep coffee and other beverages hot for hours.

The new shaded lid is splash-proof and has a flip-top opening that keeps spills from being disastrous. 

The tumbler holds 20 oz, so it won’t need refilling too often. Choose from seven colors to give your employees a practical, pretty gift. Your company name is laser engraved on one side or both for a sleek, classy look on this spring swag item.

Bento Box

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 7.58.07 PM

Your employees who bring their lunch to work will love packing their midday meal in this Wheat Straw Bento Box. Two compartments that hold 20 oz each stack with secure lids and stay in place with an elastic strap. 

A pretty bamboo lid shows off your laser-engraved company’s name or logo. The lunchbox comes with a reusable plastic knife, fork, and spoon for convenience. 

Bento lunches are so popular that kids take bento boxes to school filled with goodies. Your employees will be delighted if this is one of the spring swag items you give them.


Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 7.59.12 PM

Want to give your employees attractive spring swag items you know they’ll be able to use? The Mulligan Umbrella fits the bill for the rainy season of the year. Get your company name and logo screen-printed on this large umbrella that comes in ten solid colors and 13 color combinations. 

The umbrella arc is 64″ with a fiberglass shaft and ribs to provide strength. A wind reflex frame lets it fold back into place if the wind blows it inside out. 

This umbrella has a classy wooden handle and a matching sleeve for storage. Your employees will love this colorful and practical company swag.

Bamboo Coaster

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 8.00.50 PM

Natural, beautiful bamboo makes this attractive and sustainable company swag item. This Bamboo Coaster looks great on employees’ desks to keep their drinks from damaging the surface. 

The raised edge of the round coasters keeps condensations and drips on the coaster. When they get dirty, they’re dishwasher safe. The coasters look so lovely that your employees and new hires will want to use them at home on their coffee tables, too. 

Bamboo gives the coasters a striped, wood-grain appearance and resists stains, dirt, bacteria, and heat to ensure the coasters will last a long time. Coasters are a classic promotional item, but don’t forget your new hires and employees when handing out new spring swag!

Lite Ring

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 8.03.57 PM

How do YouTube content creators get the lighting right to minimize shadows that age them on the screen? They use large light rings to show their faces or what’s on the screen in a circular pattern that provides uniform illumination. 

I never thought I needed one until Zoom and video calls became standard working practice. Those apps made me see how harsh and lined I looked on screen. Do your employees a favor and add this small, branded Light Ring to their spring swag bags. 

This small light ring clips on your phone, laptop, tablet, or other devices to provide uniform light that makes everything look better. The ring is rechargeable with three brightness levels and 36 LED lights you never have to replace. 

Wireless Charger Bank

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 8.05.27 PM

The charging disk above is a great promotional item and one of our hot spring swag items, so what’s different about this power bank? This 2-in-1 10000 mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank is thin and phone-shaped, making it great for slipping into a bag or purse. 

It’s powerful enough with 10,000 mAh (milliamps per hour) that it can completely charge one standard smartphone. This charger comes with a built-in flashlight and two USB ports for wireless and wired charging capabilities. Your employees will love this practical swag item.

Zip Up Jacket

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 8.07.08 PM

A Brushed Back Micro-Fleece Full Zip-Jacket is the right jacket for spring, with comfort and warmth but not too much thickness. Clothing spring swag items show employee appreciation in a way not many other gifts do. 

Choose small to 5X in five color options, with several branding customizations available.


I’m excited about all the new items in our spring swag selection. You can get your employees excited by choosing your favorites and creating a swag bag to give to your crew. Help them ring in spring with the right attitude!. 

Don’t forget the new hires. You can set nervous new hires at ease with company gifts and let established workers know that you appreciate them by giving them swag like these gifts from YouInkIt.

Some individual swag gifts can stand alone, like the micro-fleece jacket or the bento box. Others are suitable for onboarding kits that give new workers company swag that helps them feel welcomed and appreciated. 

Gifts for new employees’ spring swag bags include the stress ball, Koozie, and coasters. Put small items into the grocery bag for a practical presentation and an extra gift. 

Regular employees will also love those, but you can give them higher-end gifts like the micro-fleece jacket or phone charging bank for performance rewards and special occasions, too. 

You can find these spring swag items and more on our promo page, so why not check it out and make a list of the gifts you think your employees will appreciate the most.

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