Top 5 Work Anniversary Gift Ideas for Employees

by Nov 24, 2020

Staying at a company for an extended amount of time is impressive nowadays considering the fast and growing job market. Employees find themselves constantly jumping from job to job due to a multitude of reasons. Celebrating important milestones like a work anniversary is one way to show them that it is possible to make a long-term career at your company. 

A work anniversary gift is a perfect way to display employee recognition and let the employee know that you acknowledge the efforts they put into the company. Recognizing an employee’s anniversary with your company shows them your appreciation but also inspires and motivates them to continue to give their best for your company. 

When should you celebrate a work anniversary?

1 Year Anniversary

1 year anniversary is debatably the most significant anniversary a company can celebrate. It is just the beginning of your relationship with your employee and it is important to continue to grow that relationship.

By celebrating their accomplishments with a work anniversary gift it shows your appreciation and respect for all their work they have accomplished in the past year and continues to push the employee to keep working hard. 

5 Year Anniversary 

Just like a  1 year anniversary, 5 years is just as important. 5 years is a good amount of time for an employee to dedicate to a company. It is important to make them feel as appreciated as they did for their 1 year anniversary. With the continuously growing market, dedicating 5 years to a company is impressive and should be celebrated. 

10 Year Anniversary

Staying 10 years at a company is worth throwing a party for. Having an employee stand by your company for 10 years shows extreme loyalty and should be celebrated. By that time, they are like family, and it is always important to take care of them and remind them they are special. 

How to choose the perfect gifts for work anniversaries?

Picking the right gift for each work anniversary is important. Each anniversary is important and you want to be able to step it up each year. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the top 5 gifts to give for work anniversaries.

Custom Backpack 

A custom backpack is an essential item an employee will get a lot of use out of and makes a great work anniversary gift. Not only can it be used at work, it can also be used at home or for travel. 

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Custom wine or beer glasses are always a fun gift to provide employees with; after one year at a company it is a good first gift of appreciation that will get used during celebrations, holidays or just regular get togethers.

Screen Shot 2020 11 24 at 1.40.27 PM


A custom or engraved watch is the perfect work anniversary gift that is still super popular today. A watch is a valuable gift that an employee can use and appreciate for a lifetime. Depending on your employee’s style and taste, we provide a variety of different brands. If their style isn’t the typical wristwatch, consider a custom smart watch or Fitbit. 

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Headphones are yet another practical yet useful gift employees will take advantage of. With remote work, headphones are the perfect gift to provide to work from home with ease. Headphones are a great way to keep focus on work and engaged in zoom calls and meetings. 

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Home appliances 

After 10 years of working at a company, you should provide a work anniversary gift that stands out. Providing employees with home appliances is a great gesture of appreciation and is a gift appropriate for a 10 year work anniversary. 

By 10 years, you should know your employee, you should know if they’re a coffee drinker or enjoy blending together a protein shake. A coffee maker or blender is a great gift that many don’t have and will get a lot of use out of once gifted too. 

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