In this day and age, advertising for small businesses can often be a high-priced investment. Many start-up companies may be wary of paying the expense that comes with media visibility and this is nothing unusual. Both Facebook and Instagram charge an arm and a leg for their advertising spaces yet these seem to be the most popular forms of internet advertising.

Want to create a billboard to show off your brand? Good luck pitching that number to your boss. TV commercials? Forget it! All companies want a return on investment for what they’re throwing their money into, so how exactly should a small company begin their adventure into advertising?

The easiest way to get your name out into the public is to turn your current customers into walking billboards for your brand. T-shirts and other apparel branded with your business’s name are a great way to spark up conversations about what exactly it is that your company does. Additionally, people seem to go wild for free t-shirts.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to break out the t-shirt cannon in the middle of a dinner rush at your family’s pizzeria, although that would definitely add an excitement factor. Just offering a free shirt to a few loyal customers is enough to start the ball rolling. Giving away branded apparel is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty and attract new patrons.

Now, these people will be going about their lives sporting your business’s name, both enticing others to visit your business and maybe even BUY a shirt from you.

Because I wore my shirts everywhere, the people around me would ask, “What is Single Grain?”  Then, I could give my 30-second elevator pitch and hand out business cards to people who were interested in our services. 

-Sujan Patel, CEO of Single Grain

Here is where the return on investment begins to come into play. Custom apparel made with the help of youinkit.com is both super inexpensive and amazingly high quality. Expert designers will even custom create a design for you if you don’t quite know what you want to display. You can leave all of the work to them so that you don’t have to take time away from your already busy schedule.

Now, with more people seeing your brand name and amazing designs in public, the idea of your company will be stuck in the back of their heads and your business will quickly break even from both their patronage and the influx of customers who also want to wear your apparel. Custom apparel is a very small price to pay for brand recognition and larger profits.

You can only grow from here!

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