What Custom T-Shirt Order Should You Be Placing?

by Jun 24, 2019

Being in charge of placing a T-Shirt order can be stressful, take this quiz to send you on the right track! The results will find the t-shirts that best suite your needs, and can send you on your way to placing a cool custom order with Youinkit. 

The Classic Screen Printed Custom T-Shirt

You can never really go wrong with a classic t-shirt.  Youinkit designers can help you create a cool logo for any event ( a logo so cool you’ll be wearing the shirt for years to come).  

Classic tees also go with everything.  You can wear them with jeans or leggings, to work out or grab a bite to eat.  It really is an everyday shirt, and that’s why you can never have too many.  

When you should order: You should order classic screen printed tees when you need a LOT of shirts with the SAME design.  This way, the same stencil can be used to screenprint on all the shirts. Screen printing is both fast and efficient.

Being in charge of placing a T-Shirt order can be stressful, take this quiz to send you on the right track!

The Embroidered Polo

An embroidered design is more classy.  While still versatile, from golfing to servers at restaurants, the embroidered polo is more professional.  

These are great if you want to go out for a fancy dinner, or if you want your employees to look professional and presentable at work.  The embroidery process also creates a longer-lasting image on your design that won’t fade.  

When you should order: You should order embroidered shirts when you need shirts that look professional, accessories, like hats, or for any small logos you want on any garment (i.e. numbers on sleeves, small logo on the pocket of a t-shirt, etc.)

The Vinyl Jersey

When playing team sports, numbers are your identity.  That’s why it’s so important to make cool jerseys with many different numbers on the back.  The best process for applying large numbers for jerseys is the heat application of vinyl. Often times, when jerseys are created, the from logo that is consistent on all jerseys is screen printed, and the unique numbers are applied in vinyl on the back.  This is just one-way vinyl that can ensure you get your product fast and at a great price.  

When you should order: You should order screen printed vinyl tops when you need a lot of shirts with similar, but not identical, designs, or only a few shirts. 

Smart Street Trucker Hat
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