Your Guide to Choosing the Brand for Your Custom T-Shirts

by Mar 11, 2019

When creating your custom t-shirts it is important to consider the quality of the t-shirt itself. There are numerous t-shirt brands out there and luckily Youinkit has access to the vast majority of them. There are 3 main ones that stand out as the most popular and those are the three that we will go into detail on this blog. Up first we have Gildan!

Gildan T-Shirts:

Gildan shirts are best for when you are looking to give away a large number of shirts or have a smaller budget set aside for your custom merchandise. Gildan is a great brand that has been around for many years. Most shirts that you see are Gildan as they are one of the most popular brands in the industry. When comparing them to other t-shirt brands they are on the lower end of quality, however they are some of the most cost-effective options out there. These are particularly good if you are doing a large event and anticipate you will need a large quantity of shirts.

Next Level T-Shirts:

Next Level shirts are higher quality than Gildan and will wear/wash better for a longer time. Of course with the added quality, comes added cost. It is not an exorbitant price increase and you can expect to pay 3-4 more dollars per shirt when choosing this higher quality garment. I would recommend these for employees and other individuals you expect will be wearing shirts many times. When you think about it, it is worth the extra money to get this higher level t-shirt so you do not have to keep re-buying the shirts in the future.

When creating your custom t-shirts it is important to consider the quality of the t-shirt itself. 

Bella Canvas T-Shirts:

Bella Canvas T-shirts are some of the highest quality shirts in the marketplace. They will feel great and last through many wears and washes. Again, for this high-quality product you will be paying more for the shirt. You can expect to pay more for these over the Next level shirts, about 2-3 more dollars. If you want to really impress your clients, customers, or employees these are the shirts to pick. They will instill an impression of high quality and class that everyone wearing the shirt will associate with your brand.

Customized shirts
Customized shirts are great for your team and team building events.

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