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Benefits of Using Limited Color in Designs

Benefits of Using Limited Color in Designs

0 Comments Printing One of the biggest benefits of using limited color in a design is affordable printing. I'm a college student with a goal of working for a company as a graphic designer. So, I have to come up with a way to produce my designs while sticking to a...

What Custom T-Shirt Order Should You Be Placing?

0 Comments Being in charge of placing a T-Shirt order can be stressful, take this quiz to send you on the right track! The results will find the t-shirts that best suite your needs, and can send you on your way to placing a cool custom order with Youinkit.  The...

Keep your Customized Bags ~Trendy~

0 Comments Why be what the people need, when you can also be what the people want. While these aren’t designs off the catwalks of NYC fashion week, Youinkit has a plethora of bags that you can customize with your design.  Here are some trendy top picks from the...

Why Custom T-Shirts are Always a Good Idea

0 Comments “The best part about running a 5k is the ‘free’ t-shirt…” “Being part of a sports team is great, because you get free gear…” “If there’s a promo to ‘spend $50 and get a free shirt’ at a store, I will be spending $50…” These are things we all think, but...

How to Reduce your T-shirt’s Carbon Footprint

Want to know how to keep your t-shirts fresh for longer and reduce the impact your t-shirts have on the environment? Here are some ways to care for your shirt and make more eco-friendly clothing purchases, as well as a list of ‘s earth-friendly custom t-shirt options

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