Screen Print

Screen printing is the primary decoration method for custom t-shirts. Youinkit offers this method to customize other garments too.

The YouInkIt Silk Screen Printing Process

Step 1:

It’s simple, you can upload your design to us or allow one of our expert designers to bring your vision to life.

Step 2:

Next, our expert design team will review your design to make sure that it’s as awesome as you would like it to be. Once we have finalized your choice of design we will provide you with a mocked up digital proof so that you can see how great your product will look once completed.

Step 3:

Our highly trained artisans will then apply the approved color inks to our state-of-the art screens, and each shirt is then printed in correct color order. Each printed item is blast dried to ensure sharp quality and to prevent color bleeding.

Step 4:

After your design is printed on your item, the finished product is then heat cured to ensure that the artwork will not fade, crack, peel or wash off.

Step 5:

Each item in your order is then thoroughly reviewed by our quality assurance specialists to make sure that it meets our uncompromising standards.

Step 6:

You will then receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number and a guaranteed delivery date. Soon after your order arrives at your door.

Step 7:

Happiness! Please remember to tell a friend and receive TEN (10) FREE items with your next purchase as our way of thanking you for your referral.

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