Organize and Send Branded Swag Boxes with Ease

Ordering and sending branded swag does not need to be frustrating. We have a solution that takes all the headaches out of organizing, ordering, and sending swag.

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Streamline Your Swag Marketing

Effortlessly manage and send all of your branded items in one place. Swag Marketing is a great addition to your sales funnel, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating. Luckily Youinkit has developed an online portal to centralize all of your branded swag items in one place and effortlessly send them to prospects, current clients, or employees with one click!

Take the Stress Out of Sending Branded Swag to Events

Have an upcoming trade show or guerilla marketing event you need branded swag for? Easily organize all of your branded merchandise in one place and send it out to events with detailed instructions for attendees to receive. This process does not need to be a nightmare – we have simplified all the logistics for sending branded swag so you can focus on having a great event!

Holman corporate holiday gifts
GoPuff corporate holiday gifts

Cut through Email and Phone Fatigue with Swag Marketing

Trying to reach prospects with phone calls and emails can be a daunting task. Cut through that noise with a branded gift and a personal note. Watch as leads and signups increase when you incorporate swag marketing into your sales strategy.

Make Swag management easy and efficient with our platform

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Endless Swag Options:

Our team of swag experts has access to endless options for your swag needs. If you do not see a product you would like in our catalogue, simply contact your account representative with a description of the product and they will source the item for you!
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Easy Shipping and Fulfillment:

We handle all logistics of storing and shipping your products. Simply create your swag campaigns in your custom dashboard and click send. We handle the rest!

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